Former chief prosecutor Venezuela flight to Colombia

Former chief prosecutor Venezuela flight to Colombia

Photo: AFP

Venezuela’s former public prosecutor Luisa Ortega has Friday of a safe refuge sought in Colombia. They arrived with a privévliegtuig from Aruba in the capital city of Bogota, immigration officials confirmed.

It is still unclear whether they are political asylum has been requested.

Ortega is considered a political opponent of president Nicolás Maduro. It was early August of its role as the highest judicial authority is relieved by the new constituent assembly of Venezuela.

That would, according to opponents of the government only in the life are called to the opposition offside.


Ortega had recently announced the controversial election of the constituent assembly to examine. That consists only of supporters of Maduro.

She said after her dismissal to fear for her life. Despite an imposed travel bans, she managed by boat her country to escape from and to Aruba to sail, in the company of her husband and member of parliament Germán Ferrer.


Her husband was by the authorities, accused of being at the head of a corruptienetwerk that money in foreign accounts would have to be clogged. Against Ferrer ran a warrant of arrest.

Ortega belonged long time to the intimates of the socialist leaders in Venezuela and supported the politics of the government. They broke, however, with Maduro as the president in violation of the constitution, measures checked in and all power toetrok.

Ortega accuses Maduro of the legacy of the deceased president Hugo Chávez to have smeared and a dictatorship to establish.

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