Former campaign manager Trump worked for the Russian billionaire

Former campaign manager Trump worked for the Russian billionaire

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Paul Manafort, a former campaign manager of president Donald Trump, worked for many years for a Russian billionaire with as purpose the influence of the government of Russian president Vladimir Putin to increase.

That concludes the AP on the basis of documents and interviews with those involved.

Manafort got in August 2016 as the campaign manager of Trump. He had concealed that he was in the period 2012-2014 had been active as a lobbyist for the government of the then Ukrainian president Viktor Janoekovitsj. The pro-Russian Janoekovitsj fled during the unrest in Ukraine.

Manafort would, in 2005, a political strategy have been developed, in which he outlines how he politics, business and the media within the United States, Europe and the former soviet states would, in order to influence Putin to help.

Friend of Putin

Manafort brought his plans to the attention of the Russian millionaire Oleg Deripaska, a friend of Putin. In a memo to Deripaska, he writes according to AP: “We believe that this strategy is greatly to the advantage of the Russian government can work if it is implemented at the appropriate levels and with the will to make it succeed.”

Manafort came in 2006 in the service of Deripaska, at an annual salary of 10 million dollars. He remained until at least 2009 for the Russian work. How big the influence of Manafort was then and how much of the plans he has worked out is not known.


Manafort let AP know that he is indeed in different countries for Deripaska has worked, but that his work be unfairly portrayed as unethical. He sees the coverage as part of a smeercampagne against his person.

“I’ve got ten years ago for Deripaska worked and him represented on both business and for personal matters in countries where it investment had” said Manafort. “The encouragement of Russian political purposes was not part of that.”

Russian influence

Monday started the hearings of the commission investigating the possible Russian influence the U.s. presidential election. Jim Himes, one of the members of that committee, said Monday at Politico that Manafort at the top of his list was to testify about his role.

“Of all the people in and around the Trumpcampagne and his government is the relationship of Paul Manafort, with Russia by far the longest and the strongest,” said Himes.

American officials stated in front of The New York Times that from intercepted telephone conversations and transcripts of phone calls show that Manafort for the presidential elections, repeatedly had contact with topleden within the Russian intelligence services.

Manafort himself rejects the allegations. “This is absurd. I have no idea what this refers to,” he says.

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