Former attorney Trump testifies in hearing, Us Congress

The former lawyer of the Us president, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, will be on February 7, testify during a public hearing in the Congress.

That turns out Thursday from the programme of the compliance committee (oversight committee) of the House of Representatives, which since last week is in the hands of the Democratic y.

Cohen in August, admitted that he is in 2016, right before the presidential election, 130.000 dollar paid to porno Stephanie Clifford (stage name Stormy Daniels). He was also involved in a payment of $ 150,000 to the former Playboy model Karen McDougal. Those payments, the women had to be silent move: both claim affairs with the married Trump to have had.

“He has given me the assignment for the payments to do,” said Cohen in december during an interview with ABC News. According to him, knew Trump very well that this is not acceptable could, which would mean that the president is guilty of what in American criminal law is considered a serious crime. “I felt that my duty was to his dirty deeds to hide,” says Cohen.

The hearing with Cohen is one of the first actions of the Democrats since the House of Representatives back in the hands. The hearing should be broadcast live on television. Cohen has Thursday in a statement made a “full and truthful” to testify about his work for Trump, reports The New York Times.

Lawyer gave earlier false statements

Cohen was more than a decade, the personal lawyer and “fixer” of the New York property. He got three years in prison was imposed because of fraud, violations of the laws around campaign funding and false declarations in the Congress. The lawyer says out of “blind loyalty” to Trump “the path of darkness” followed, and the prosecutors have full commitment.

Trump has always claimed that he was, in his eyes, nothing wrong has been done. Cohen is a lawyer, so it was his work to know if something was illegal or not, carried out the president earlier. He stated in december Cohen not to have asked for him to break the law. “And besides, many legal experts in the area of campaign funding have very firmly said that nothing I’m doing wrong.”

The investigation into the payments by Cohen is not a part of the Robert Mueller led Ruslandonderzoek. The outcome within a few months expect.

More than seventy hours of interviews with prosecutors and investigators

Cohen has since August, more than seventy hours of long talk with the prosecutors in New York that the afkoopzaak in their portefuille have. The lawyer also spoke with Mueller, that the Russian interference in the by Trump won the presidential election of 2016 will be explored. Cohen lied under more previously told Congress about negotiations on a ‘Trump Tower’, that in the Russian capital had to be built. Trump himself has always declared not to do business with Russia.

Trump has since then, been enraged at Cohen, calling him a few times a “weak person”, which only the prosecutors talked to a lower penalty. Cohen said in his statements, usually not literally about Trump, but referred to the president by ‘Individual 1’ to speak. It is now clear that ‘Individual 1’ president Trump is.

During a press conference at the border with Mexico showed Trump Thursday know “not to worry” about the statement that Cohen is going to take.

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