Former Android executive leaves for Chinese smartphonemaker Xiaomi

Former Android executive leaves for Chinese smartphonemaker Xiaomi

Photo: Bloomberg

Former Android executive Hugo Barra has worked for the past three and a half years as international ceo for Chinese smartphonemaker Xiaomi, but leave the company now.

Barra mentions on Facebook his health and homesickness as reasons to return to California to move to be closer to friends and family. Barra lived the past years in Beijing and had as international ceo to ensure the introduction of Xiaomi products outside of China.

In China, popular smartphonemaker sold at the beginning of Barra barely any products outside of China. Barra has the market of Xiaomi to different countries. In Europe, sells Xiaomi in Poland after still no phones, but the company has an international webshop with electronics like powerbanks, speakers, and headphones.

Global expansion

“Xiaomi is well on the way to global expansion, and if there is a good time to go back home than it is now,” writes Barra. He points to successful expansion into India, where the Chinese company has an annual revenue of 1 billion dollar about.

Also called Barra extended to twenty other countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Mexico and Poland. According to the departing ceo has Xiaomi in the past few years as an international player put on the map.

Xiaomi grew from its incorporation in 2010, in a short time has become one of the largest smartphoneverkopers in China. In 2015, sales target, however, has not been met, then the company decided that its offer to expand with products such as drones, air purifiers, extension cords, and rijstkokers.

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