Forget the pain! Forget the embarrassment of ugly leg veins!!

Leg veins are possibly the most heinous of disasters, especially for someone who is very cosmetically alert and aware of aethetics. Not only are the unappealing and ugly, theya re also sometimes painful and bothersome. But there is no need to kiss all the short skirts goodbye just because you have some noticeable leg veins. The Long-pulse NdYAG 1064 is just the kind of treatment that you need to get rid of the veins and feel beautiful again.

Long-pulse NdYAG 1064: The Latest Technology to Treat Disorders of Leg Veins
Disorders of superficial and deep veins of legs have always been quite troublesome for patients. Those suffering from these disorders know the pain and suffering they have to go through due to it. Apart from the physical symptoms, the patient also has to bear the embarrassment, as the superficial veins become dilated and visible as a result of leg vein diseases like telengiectasis or varicose veins. It becomes very inconvenient, as the patient is always worried about these veins becoming visible.

They have to restrict their choice of clothes due to the visible and ugly veins of legs. Long-pulse NdYAG 1064 is a latest technology that has brought relief to patients suffering from these conditions. It offers a very effective treatment of leg vein disorders and can bring about a change of life for patients suffering from it. They no longer have to face the embracement or inconvenience due to these conditions.

Apart from being very useful for leg vein disorders, this new technology is immensely helpful for disorders of veins in other parts of the body as well. Tiny vascular malformations that occur in skin or mucosa of intestines or nose can be easily treated by the Long-pulse NdYAG 1064 technology. Epistaxic or bleeding from nose can also be effectively managed by using this technology. People suffering from vascular lesions on face know how cosmetically displeasing the condition is. This latest technology can help patients suffering from ugly vascular lesions on face within no time. The treatment is totally painless.

Vascular malformations in digestive tract can be very painful for patients and can cause frequent episodes of bleeding from mouth or anus. Patients may suffer from blood stained vomiting or black colored stools due to vascular lesions in digestive tract. Over a period of time, this slow loss of blood can lead to anemia. Long pulse NdYAG 1064 can provide a rapid relief to patients suffering from this condition. It can help patients in the management of these disorders without causing any pain or inconvenience. It offers rapid results without any downtime.

Long-pulse NdYAG 1064 has also started a revolution in the field of dermatology by providing an age defying treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment can help patients to get rid of age related fine lines and wrinkles and can make a person look very youthful. After taking treatment for wrinkles with this technology, the person looks as if the age clock has turned several years backwards and helps the person to get back his or her beautiful, young and firm skin. It helps patients to regain the tautness and firmness of skin without causing any discomfort.

How the Long-pulse NdYAG 1064 Technology Works?
The instrument used in the technology has NdYAG 1064 handpiece that emits laser rays. These rays help in coagulating and destroying the large veins that are malformed. The unacceptable and cosmetically disfiguring veins of face, legs or digestive tract are destroyed with the help of this instrument. The technology does not involve the use of injections or any harmful chemicals.

The oxygenated red colored telengiectasias are destroyed by the laser treatment with this technology. It also takes care of the deoxygenated venule ectasia and saves patients from embarrassment and inconvenience caused by it. It is also very effective against reticular veins having a diameter of less than 4 mm. The technology has an innovative and completely independent cooling mechanism that works continuously over the part to be treated. Due to the self cooling offered by this tool, the discomfort caused to patients is eliminated. It also allows the doctors to use higher energy levels if required.

Due to continuous cooling mechanism, high level of energy used in the treatment does not cause any harm to the patients. It also prevents bruises and burns that usually occur due to heat pruduced by other instruments used for the purpose.

The instrument is very light in weight and emits continuous laser pulse at 1064 nM. This is the best therapeutic and beneficial wavelength that can be used for the treatment of deep lesions of the vascular system. It also has a pulse width of 60 msec that helps in faster results in a harmless manner. The results are accurate and the handpiece yields excellent results without any downtime.

Advantages of Long-pulse NdYAG 1064 Technology:
This technology is very useful for several vascular lesions in the body. It particularly treats the deep and superficial lesions of leg veins. It is also very beneficial for treating patients suffering from vein disorders over face and gastrointestinal tract.

The technology offers several advantages, which are discussed below:
The instrument is very easy to use and convenient to handle. The lightweight instrument can be easily carried to where it is needed.
It is completely harmless and does not cause any adverse effects.
The self-cooling mechanism offered by the technology helps in minimizing the discomfort caused to patients due to the heat produced bys laser beams. It also prevents skin from developing bruise or burns.
It is very cost effective and patients can get excellent results with this technology without spending much.
The results are very quick without any down time. Patients can get fast results with the treatment and can get rid of the discomfort and inconvenience caused by vascular lesions immediately after the treatment.
It offers a highly effective treatment with very good results. Patients using this technology no longer have to feel embarrassed about the visible ugly veins over the face or legs. They no longer have to restrict their choice of clothes or need not worry about ugly veins being visible.

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