Forest fires in Australia, the requirements of the fourth victim

The bush fires in Australia show, a fourth of a life, is to be produced. The local police reported on Thursday that a body found in a burned grasgebied in the state of New South Wales. On Saturday, made the authorities announced that three people had died as a result of the natural fires on the Australian east coast.

The body has not yet been identified, but is likely to be a 58-year-old man, living in a hut and lived near the town of Kempsey, about 345 miles north of Sydney, australia.

On Saturday, notified the Australian authorities, all of which must be at least three people had died as a result of the fire. Two of the victims were from the place in Glen Innes, about 550 kilometres north of Sydney, australia. In the village of Taree, was a corpse in a burned-out house to be found.

In the last week, more than 1 million acres of grass land burned by natural fires. In New South Wales, about three hundred dwellings had been destroyed.

The authorities moved on Wednesday to their attention to New South Wales to north-eastern Queensland, australia. In New South Wales, and the forces of nature is somewhat mitigated by the lower operating temperatures, while Australia has to deal with the high temperatures and adverse wind conditions.


A huge forest fire going on near by residential area, Australia

State of emergency declared in two states

In both New South Wales as a Colony, it was a Monday a state of emergency was declared. The fire department expects to have the weeks that they are working on it is under the control of the situation. This rain is needed, but it is still not possible to predict. Hundreds of schools have temporary doors will be closed.

Forest fires are not an uncommon sight in Australia, but due to a very dry winter, to see the country burn than normal for this time of the year. The fire department thinks that the fire is still able to grow in the Australian summer months of december, January, and February.

A lot of people from Sydney and will require that the government’s climate change seriously, and invests in prevention in order to such natural fires are prevented. The federal government of Australia is of the opinion that the vlammenzeeën has nothing to do with climate change, to the fury of the mayors of the towns and cities that will be threatened by the flames, reported the ABC.


Australian firefighters driving through forest fire


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