‘Foreign interest in Dutch katercafé’

‘Foreign interest in Dutch katercafé’

Photo: Jessurun

From abroad, have shown interest for the Dutch ‘Hangover Bar’, a temporary bar for those with a hangover.

“Especially in Antwerp and Berlin is concrete interest”, says initiator Joep Verbunt against

In Amsterdam, the first temporary Hangover bar Friday, three days open. Within were groups of friends in a number of beds to watch their favorite series and eat and drink.

They could also extra oxygen intake in a zuurstofbar that different flavors of oxygen offered, such as peppermint and they were able to have a massage.

Video: the First bar for people with hangover opens in Amsterdam

Bar for people with hangover opened in Amsterdam


Verbunt think that this kind of ‘pop-up-katerbars’ also a success abroad, but says that always, sponsors are needed. In Amsterdam there were more of a matrasbedrijf, a waterflesmaker and a company that smoothies sells.

“It is very expensive to such a thing, it is free of charge and prices for drinks are very low. So if you have something design you have always commercial parties need to get together.”

It is not the first time that Verbunt with a remarkable action. Earlier he came up with the discosupermarkt, a cinema in a hot tub and a tomatengevecht on the Dam square in Amsterdam.

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