For US in Syria, the end of the game gets murkier IS shrinking

WASHINGTON – The closer the US gets its original goal in Syria of the defeat of the Islamic State of the group, the murkier the end of the game.

New layers of complexity are descending on a shift of the battlefield, as demonstrated by a lethal barrage of the U.s. air force and artillery strikes on an unknown attacker.

The Pentagon insists that keeping the focus on the defeat, but Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis says US-backed fighters in eastern Syria were faced with a “bewildering” night raids by around 300 pro-Syrian government fighters whose nationalities, motivations and make-up he could not identify.

A number of AMERICAN military advisers were present along with local allied troops, and the Americans led a punitive response to death about 100 of the attackers.

Mattis says that the incident does not predict a greater involvement in the syrian civil war.

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