For this, you need to know about the G7 summit, which is on Saturday, starts

In the Southern French coastal city of Biarritz is on Saturday, and on Monday the age of 45 at the G7 summit takes place, a meeting of the seven major industrialized countries plus the European Union. What you can do in the next few days will bring?

It will be a busy day for the government. The president of france, and will host Emmanuel Macron was the main topic of the forum, and The reduction of inequality. The discussions about this will not be the only G7 politicians in the debate: Macron also has the heads of government of Burkina Faso, chad, Chile, Egypt, India, Senegal, Rwanda, and South Africa are invited to attend.

In addition, it has a Macron, meetings on, among other things, the digital economy, climate change and the protection of democracy on the agenda. Furthermore, there will be a lot of issues to be discussed, such as the nuclear deal with Iran, with the Brexit, and the U.s.-China trade war.

Macron wants to Amazonebosbranden to discuss

Macron had on Friday on Twitter that now that the forest fires in the amazon rain forest to want to be discussed at the G7 summit. “The house is on fire. Literally, send a tweet to him. “It’s an international crisis. The members of the G7 summit to take emergency immediately to discuss!”

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, who is not at the top, it could have Macrons lastminuteagendapunt do not appreciate it. He found the tweet, testify to “a misplaced colonial attitude.

According to a French diplomatic source of Reuters news agency to work advisers are currently working on “concrete actions” to fight the fire.

Friday, left France, and Ireland, to know that their support for the so-called EU-Mercosur deal that would attract Bolsonaro policy is not a quick change. The deal would be for four Latin American countries – Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and other countries access to the European market.

Russia talks still have not

Up until a few years ago there was a G7 to a G8 meeting: in addition to the the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, australia, Japan, and the United States of america, and the EU, also made it to Russia until the end of 2014 as part of the group. In that year it was in Moscow, however, been suspended due to the Russian annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

The Us president when He said last year that it was time for him to make Russia a place at the table has to offer, and reiterated that message in a couple of days ago. In the EU, the British, the French, the Germans, and the Canadians did, however, know there is no salvation to be seen, as long as the Russians stay in Russia.

Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe and his wife will arrive Saturday morning in Biarritz to the G7 summit. (Photo: Reuters)

This year, there will be no final

The G7 summit will be Monday, it can not be concluded with a final declaration that, in contrast to the previous years. The reason for this is an incident happened last year between Us president Home, and who used to host Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada.

In the early, left Home, was He accepted by the conceptverklaring, however, the Us president went on Air Force One to return. The reason for this was that the attitude of europe and asia to the Us import tariffs. “Trudeaus action was mild, and in the interviews. And then he gives a press conference during which he is out of our import duties. Very, very unfair, and the weak, as explained He made his decision on Twitter, in to.

Macron decided this is the year they do not have slotboodschap to publish it: “It’s just a piece of paper that no one reads it,” was his reasoning.


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