For this, you need to know about the field of early elections in Israel

The people of Israel to choose from on Tuesday for the second time this year, and a new parliament. As to why they had to go to the ballot box? So what can we expect from the future? Here’s what you need to know about the elections.

In the last elections, this past april, it was the right-wing Likud of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a total of 35 points, which is equivalent to the centrumpartij, Blue-and-White, Benny Gantz. Finally, if Netanyahu, president Reuven Rivlin as the first attempt to form a coalition.

Netanyahu did not, however, be in order within the statutory time limit of 42 days is to be achieved. Before anyone got a chance to form a government, and ordered by the parliament, on the initiative of the Netanyahu cancel the order. “We’re going to win,” said the prime minister, then.

For the second vote on Tuesday, forecasting, analysts are no significant differences in the election results compared with those at the end of april. Likud and the Blue-and-White end, according to the surveys, both of which have more than thirty seats. For a majority of seats in the parliament, 61 seats, necessary.

Co-operation between the major parties is impossible

In the event that both Likud and Blue-and-White, are not in a position to make its own coalition, to create the possibility of a unity government with the two parties. Mid-Oostendeskundige Faculty of Hoff-eight chance, however small. “To that end, the campaign is far too much of each other has occurred.”

No matter how busy it is, clearly does not want to cooperate with the corruption, accused Netanyahu. “It was a great party with all the old general that corruption is one of the biggest issues has been made,” says Hoff. “The party believes that the era of the Netanyahu little by little, it should have been.”

Netanyahu has been using for more than ten years, the langszittende the prime minister of Israel. He still has a lot of followers, but it is not without controversy. He has been involved in several scandals. In this way, the Local public prosecutor, for example, to prosecute for fraud and corruption.


Why is Netanyahu so much confidence in Israel’s

Netanyahu: don’t be guilty of corruption

Netanyahu believes his innocence, and it is not going to be because of the corruption cases in the process. A majority of the parliament, the politician, to the end of his term, to protect against litigation. The party must first, however, a small right-wing and religious parties are winning.

One controversial electoral promise that can help you with that. The expert points out that Netanyahu’s electoral promise to the jordan valley and northern Dead Sea, and, to them, is also in the line-up of far-right party stands for. This is a piece of land that is occupied by Jewish settlers.

The annexation of this area, about 30 per cent of the West Bank and gaza, it will have a big impact on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. “The promise is, more or less, credible, because it is not inconceivable that in the United States, it is the thought that counts!”

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Netanyahu promises to annexing the jordan valley in the won

Elections are turning to the future, Netanyahu’

Even though Tuesday’s are no big surprises are to be expected, it’s to the ballot, however, is exciting, according to Hoff. “Can Netanyahu to his political career to pursue? That’s actually a have to. As the Blue-and-White, win, it is very difficult for you.”

There is the possibility that there is no coalition that can be formed by means of complex structures, or a third of the elections as a result. But that last one is desirable, says Hoff. “For the time being is going to Netanyahu that his party is the largest and, with its allies, a majority vote is.”

Tuesday morning, on the day of the election, in the Mid-Oostendeskundige Ruud Hoff is a guest in the The News podcast You can find this podcast, starting at 6: 00 am, on the front page of the in your favorite podcast app.


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