Football want higher salaries to sports to grow

Football want higher salaries to sports to grow

87 Percent of the topvoetbalsters considering her career prematurely terminate because of the low salaries. This is evident from a sample that spelersvakbond FIFPro had to run around the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in the Netherlands.

In the aftermath of the successful european CHAMPIONSHIPS brought FIFPro few top players are gathering in Amsterdam for a two-day conference to discuss the future of women’s football to discuss. Big stumbling block turned out to be the low salaries of the women.

“In the two decades that I am active as a pro, I have a lot of good players in the sport to see leave,” says the American keeper Hope Solo. “They were great teammates, that have the potential to be the best in the world to belong.”

“They stopped because they themselves no longer financially able to support. She went would like to return to school to get an education,” says the 202-fold international of the United States. “So they have their family and themselves in a healthy and financially certainly life could offer.”


‘Salaries of football should move up to sport to grow’

165 million

The Orange won the european CHAMPIONSHIPS attracted worldwide a record number of television viewers, an estimated 165 million. The final between the Netherlands and Denmark (4-2) was in over eighty countries, direct broadcast.

The competitions in total were visited by at 240,000 spectators. Four years ago this month, still 216.000 people in the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Sweden, were already on that tournament to six games less played.

“We do not need to be millionaire to be, such as the male football players. We just want a healthy and normal lifestyle can lead. Currently loses the sport, the good players because they do not have enough salary for a good lifestyle,” said Solo, one of the most famous football worldwide.

“Higher salaries are a key prerequisite for the sport to grow and the respect of both men and women. Of course, we don’t do that for nothing. We love our sport, but at a certain point you need your heels in the sand and say ‘enough is enough’. We do not do this longer for a low salary and the pride of our country.”

Oranjevrouwen honored in Utrecht

The Oranjevrouwen were in a grand manner welcomed in Utrecht.

The players enjoyed visible from all the attention.

The boat ride led to Park Lepelenburg.

Sunday was Denmark in the final with 4-2 records.

In the park were twelve thousand fans.

A frantic Daniëlle van de Donk.

The ceremony lasted until about 20.30 hours.

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Solo is not alone in her opinion. Also, Hedvig Lindahl, who with Sweden at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in the semi-final was eliminated by Orange, hopes that the sport is in financial terms develops.

“We must abandon the attitude that we should be grateful to be allowed to play, because the generations before us don’t even had the chance to play football,” says the 34-year-old doelvrouw.

“Slowly but surely, women have their place in the football world conquered. How grateful We should be considering the past. But if we seriously look to the future, we must strive to make women’s football to improve.”


Lieke Martens, who was declared best player of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, is the bestbetaalde international of Orange. She is going to next season, with FC Barcelona reportedly 200,000 euros on an annual basis earn. The bestbetaalde female footballer in the world is Alex Morgan. The Us gets four tons per year with Olympique Lyon.

In the Dutch Eredivisie, the monthly salary is estimated between 700 and 2300 euros per month. Some women play only for expenses.

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