Football player, Goal of the Chinese PES 2020 Mobile be removed after critical tweets

The German football player Mesut Özil has been removed from the Chinese version of the PES 2020 for Mobile, confirms that the Chinese publisher, NetEase, in the interview with The Independent. That is, the company, after a critical statement on the Arsenal player on the Chinese treatment of the Uighur minority in the country.

In a statement to the socialemediaplatform Weibo said NetEase, in that the statements, “the feelings of the Chinese fans are really hurt and not in line with the love and the peace that comes with the sports guys”. For this reason, the publisher’s Goal of the games is reached.

The German midfielder has tweette that the Regime “fighters” are. Also is accused, he to China, the burning of the koran, and the closing of mosques and the killing of the religious scholars. According to China’s statements “are based on the nepnieuws”.

In response to the statements was decided by the Chinese state already had a game in the first half to send out. According to the Global Times, a Chinese staatskrant, the statements falsely and “they have Chinese fans will be disappointed”.

Of the Uighur ethnic minority, is under pressure due to China’s policy. As a part of the Uyghurs want to separate from China, it is the whole of the group as extremist and a terrorist considered. As a result, there are probably a half-million Uighurs captured in detentiekampen.

Football players, more often, in the excitement at football games

It is often happened that the players of football have to be removed. So, it was Marco van Basten of FIFA’s 20 and taken, after he had “Sieg Heil” – said in a broadcast on Dutch national television.

Also, it was Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover of FIFA 19 is removed. It was suspected that the player on the cover was taken off due to a verkrachtingszaak, who at the time ran out. According to EA, the publisher of the game, but this is not the case, and had the change to do with the return of the uefa Champions League. This mode was previously only in the PES games to be played.

180Wie are the Uighurs and why it is suppressed in China for them?

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