Foodwatch alerts for kinderdrank with as much sugar as cola

Foodwatch alerts for kinderdrank with as much sugar as cola

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High sugar children’s beverages often contain almost as much sugar as a cola, and sometimes even more.

That says, the organization Foodwatch, 194 packets of drink from the shelves of the five largest supermarkets (Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, Lidl and Aldi) have been studied.

In the parcels turned out to average 16.2 grams of sugar, or four sugar cubes to 4 grams. In an equally large amount of cola are five sugar cubes. Almost a quarter of the drinkpakjes contains even more sugar. Too much sugar intake can lead to diabetes, heart disease and strokes, warns Foodwatch.

Yoghurt drinks

Outliers are the yoghurt drinks of Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Aldi and Plus. There are, on average, more than six sugar cubes in. “Once, a pack can’t hurt. But children get this every day to school. If you have this drink in the morning, in the lunch break and when you come home, you drink eighteen sugar cubes per day,” said foodwatch.

There are also packages where there is little sugar in it, but there are often other sweeteners added to it. Foodwatch: “That are no healthy alternatives. If you have children space with sweet, they learn other tastes do not appreciate. And that you can see the rest of their lives in a wrong dietary pattern.”

Foodwatch wants to minister Edith Schippers of public Health intervenes. Now, it is up to the manufacturers, supermarkets and the catering industry is left to people to less sugar, salt and fat inside. That self-regulation is failing according to Foodwatch.

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