Food waste in the Netherlands is still higher than planned

Food waste in the Netherlands is still higher than planned

The objective of the government to food waste by 20 percent, to reduce, has not been met. Dutch people throw each year per person, still an average of 135 kilograms of food.

In total, this amounts to a waste of about 2 billion pounds per year.

Many Dutch people throw food away when the expiration date has passed. Researcher Toine Timmermans of Wageningen University told NOS that this is not always necessary, as this date is in most cases only a guarantee of the producer indicates.

Secretary of state Of the Dam of Economic Affairs wants to investigate whether the regulations of the expiration date on certain products eased. He also asks supermarkets and more small packages to offer. According to him, consumers are now often forced to eat in (too) large packs to buy.

Impulse buying

In addition, it may be food waste according to him, reduced as consumers are less impulse buys will do that then, often in the garbage end up. Research shows that consumers with a shopping list, doing the shopping, less impulse buying and as a result less waste thrown away.

To the waste to reduce it is necessary that the Dutch are the problem of the disposal of food inspection. “People see food waste is still not as a big problem,” says Timmermans. “It is a mentality and behavioral change, and that is the most complicated part of the problem.”

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