Food Waste Awards: these are the most promising initiatives against spilling

Thursday night for the first time, the Food Waste Awards. This Flemish initiatives that wasting food counter award-winning. Five organisations were allowed a charter to receive it.

Melissa and Ellien of Rekub, one of the laureates of the Food Waste Awards © Instagram Rekub

The Food Waste Awards are a joint initiative of the Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network, Ovam and the dome Komosie, that the best practices to spilling in the viewer.

In the category of ‘entrepreneurs’ were the pioneers of Rekub put in the flowers. They scored with their own food waste app, and their pop-up restaurants where they only with food surpluses cooking. During the presentation of the Food Waste Award announced the initiatiefneemsters that they are busy with the start of their regular restaurant.


Rekub cooked all regularly with food surpluses in Antwerp, but launched last year, also its app. The local merchants will put their surplus at a reduced price. So it’s a win-win situation: the consumer can at a low price food purchases, the trader hit of his or her surpluses and does not need to throw away.

The city of Ghent was as a local government was awarded because of her Restorestje. As the first city she got a hundred restaurants on board, where customers, now that their surplus can get in a Restorestje, without hesitation. During her acceptance speech mentioned the initiator that the Restorestje still strong, will expand in the coming time, often because the Inhabitants there to ask.


For food waste to go, the City of Ghent and Test-aankoop in January, a handy tray that allows restaurantgangers in Ghent, their food can take home. Everyone that his plate is not empty (or whose eyes were bigger than the belly), in the participating restaurants – with a recognizable Restorest sticker on the front door – a overschotdoos (free) applications to the staff.

Food waste is in Ghent, is clearly an important theme, because even Rabot on your plate was to be honoured. That was the best organization that is social to get started with spilling. The Reo Auction from Roeselare threw back eyes with high the large scale on which they work.

Rabot on your plate

The social grocery stores Ghent reduce surpluses to a healthy diet. The products are manufactured with food surpluses and harvested vegetables of the stadsakker, by people who are in an employment project to measure sit.

Reo Auction

The REO Auction is a cooperative association of growers that are more than sixty different vegetables and fruits markets for the fresh market. Their food surpluses, they turn to social organisations for animal feed and as a natural fertilizer on farmland.

During the award ceremony there was also a live vote for the most innovative anti-voedselverspillingidee that emerged from the innovation stage, the Food Waste Challenge. With that award went WOW FOOD walk, a catering company that not only surplus works, but its customers during festivals and invite you into the kitchen.

Jasmien Wildemeersch of FoodWIN, organizer of the Food Waste Awards, was impressed by all the candidates.’ They show that it is possible is spilling in Flanders to ban’ says Jasmien. “If all these candidates working together, we can cover further accelerate.’


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