Food stamp enrollment drops to 8-year low as a trump clamps down on fraud, the economy improves

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Food stamps: 5 facts about SNAP facing millions of Americans

President Donald Trump’s first budget would cut plan of almost $2 billion from the Federal food stamp program, SNAP. What are the consequences and who would it impact the most? Here are five facts about the food-stamps

Overall, enrollment in the country, the food stamp program, declined to the lowest level in more than eight years to improve the economy and the trump administration’s attempts to combat fraud in the program.

According to the latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), enrollment in the program managed fell in March to 40,083,954. The last time food stamp participation, this low appeared in February 2010, as 39,588,993 people were enrolled in the program.

To improve “as the economy continues to participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is on the decline,” USDA officials, asked for anonymity told Fox News. “SNAP was used as a temporary supplementary nutrition guide to benefit self-sufficiency and self-sufficiency, not of a permanent nature.”

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The USDA informed the official that, similar to unemployment figures, the number of participants in SNAP tends to fluctuate from month to month. But the official added that the Agency expects to leave that around 8.8 million in the program over the next 10 years.

SNAP, formerly known as the food stamp program is a Federal program, the food business provides assistance for people who qualify as unemployed or low-income living in the United States for the program, the people make 130 percent or less of the Federal poverty level based on household size.

The program is designed to help people buy food supplements such as bread, vegetables, dairy products and meat, while blocking, they were from the purchase of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and household supplies and paper products, among other elements.

During the entire food-stamp enrollment has been on a steady decline since 2013, some observers credit President Trump’s emphasis on getting more Americans back to work, and of his administration against fraud, which accelerated in the SNAP program, such as the reason why the decline.

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“It is a long time coming,” Robert Doar, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, told Fox News. “These numbers are on the decline, because people go back to work.”

Since trump took office, more than 2.2 million set, which moves your participation in the SNAP program in a large part because of its administration to reform SNAP.

Trump in February, proposed that 30 per cent, or $ 214 billion, cut SNAP as part of the White house Federal budget proposal.

In April, Trump under an executive order signed in to harden the target, to the work requirements for welfare and social assistance programs. The order, which aims to reduce poverty, “by the opportunity and economic mobility”, calls to strengthen the agencies, the professional requirements and are looking for new.

“You need to quit playing to the cheap seats.”

Rep. Jim McGovern

“The Federal government should do everything, what is stated in their authority to strengthen the individual by providing opportunities for work, including through investment in the Federal programs that are effective in moving people into the labour market and out of poverty,” the executive order. “It needs to examine Federal policies and programs to ensure that they are consistent with the principles at the heart of the American spirit — work, free enterprise and the protection of human and economic resources.”

The following Trump order of the house agriculture Committee voted to tighten the already existing requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), while the expansion of funding for state training programs. The law adopted Wednesday, the Committee would require that all “working adults” to work between the ages of 18 and 59 to or participation in training for 20 hours per week. The tweak means that a larger number of people would work or enroll in training.

The USDA announced in March that it had hired an “integrity officer” who would monitor cases of fraud in the SNAP program, and in February, Trump announced the launch of the so-called “Harvest Box” program – an initiative to, the food stamp recipient a box of “shelf stable foods together with the SNAP allotment.

“The crop-Box is a stupid idea and probably not going anywhere,” Doar. “But the integrity of the office is to take a good step…It helps make sure that the program is not just about the benefits, but also to ensure that people are getting back to work.”

The movements drawn by the trump-management terminal, which can receive food stamps, a strong rebuke from many Democrats and advocacy groups who work with low-income people and families. Many argue that Trump is manipulating the view, who receives food stamps and the SNAP work requirements built into the program

Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern told the New York Times in February that Trump was painting a “distorted picture” of those who receive food stamps, by saying that you are cheating SNAP and the avoidance of work.

“You need to quit playing to the cheap seats,” he said. “The majority of the people in the program are children and the elderly, and people work in jobs that pay too little to feed their families.”

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