Following HoloLens gets processor for artificial intelligence

Following HoloLens gets processor for artificial intelligence

Photo: Bloomberg

Microsoft adds a special coprocessor for artificial intelligence (AI) to the HoloLens.

That has Microsoft’s AI ceo Harry Shum announced during computerevenement CVPR 2017. The HoloLens is a augmentedrealitybril that digital information atop the real world.

The techbedrijf is currently working on a second version of the Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) in the HoloLens. This processor is used to collect information from the sensors on the glasses to process. There, the new coprocessor for AI to be added.

The coprocessor for artificial intelligence need to process data for neural networks that, over time, learn to the information in the process. This allows the HoloLens to learn, for example, better certain objects to recognize.

New HoloLens

According to Shum, the new processor will be used in the next version of the HoloLens. At the time, the HoloLens is not yet available to consumers. Software developers have limited access to a test model.

According to rumors, the HoloLens in 2019 on the market.

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