Following his departure to chelsea The Is thank you Amsterdam and fans for celebrating

Ajax is Thursday to be honored for capturing the national championship and the TOTO KNVB Cup. The festivities on the museum square started at 16: 00. Follow everything in our liveblog.

  • Ajax is honored on Museumplein
  • Locals win double
  • City runs out for players and staff
  • Municipality: Museumplein is full

Championship Ajax 路 5 minutes ago

Marc Overmars says goodbye to Frenkie de Jong

AvatarAuteurAT5Moment of plaatsen17:24 – may 16, 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 7 minutes geledenWe expect it to be good value remains on the ‘Museumplein’ and the rest of Amsterdam.

It comes loose on the #Square. Hundreds of thousands of men cheering the selection of #Ajax.

AvatarAuteurJob van der PlichtMoment of plaatsen17:17 – may 16, 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 9 minutes geledenDit season, good for 28 goals in the Premier league: Dusan Tadic.

Taaaaadic on fireee! 馃敟
As always.

AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen17:29 – may 16, 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 10 minutes geledenOok a special word for Frenkie de Jong, yesterday his last match in the shirt of Ajax played. “Of Frenkie, we know that he is for Barcelona are going to play. Hopefully, he is the only one who leaves, but that chance is small.” The Young, on the basis of the statistics to the Player of the Year ‘ with Ajax.Championship Ajax 路 13 minutes geledenDe supportersclub of Ajax choose Ziyech, who last season still a love/hate relationship with the public, as a player of the year.

馃懆馃帹 H A K I M Z I Y E C H!

AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen17:24 – may 16, 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 16 minutes ago,’Erik thanks, Erik thanks, sounds like a trainer At the Hag comes to the fore. The trainer pushes immediately the attention to his selection and makes the Ajax talent of the year revealed: Noussair Mazraoui.


AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen17:20 – 16 may 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 18 minutes agoThe selection of sings now lustily, ” This is my club.’ It is a good thing that they are not in the song Contest are tonight.Championship Ajax 路 27 minutes geledenAlle players wear a shirt with number 34, referring to the 34th national championship and, of course, to Abdelhak Nouri. The father and brother of Nouri keep on the stage, a cloth with an image of the footballer, that there is still a bit.Championship Ajax 路 30 minutes geledenDaar is also The Is the youngest captain to ever kampioensschaal of Ajax in the air. “We have Bayern Munich played Real Madrid, Juventus. We are the champion, have the cup won and are in the nick of time eliminated in the semi-finals of the Champions League. But what is most important is that we have to see where Ajax stands for. We have that big, that is from above is watching, to show what we are worth”, it refers to The Is to Johan Cruyff.Championship Ajax 路 32 minutes geledenHet moment when the players on the stage came.


AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen17:02 – 16 may 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 33 minutes ago “Tadic on fire’, it sounds (to the sounds of Freed from Desire by Gala) as the shared top scorer of the Eredivisie, the scale shows to the public.Championship Ajax 路 36 minutes geledenOok Klaas-Jun Huntelaar enjoy the fullest at the moment that he emerges is called. Never before in his career, the 35-year-old striker champion.Championship Ajax 路 41 minutes geledenAlle players get a sparkling applause, but for Frenkie de Jong sounds extra loud. “Frenkie thanks, Frenkie thank you”, is sung for the midfielder, who next season for FC Barcelona plays.Championship Ajax 路 44 minutes geledenAanvoerder Matthijs de ligt prevents that the mayor is touched.

Matthijs de ligt catches something on that mayor Halsema was thrown

AvatarAuteurAT5Moment of plaatsen16:50 – may 16, 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 one hour geledenDe players are forward called, and show the scale to the frenzied audience.Championship Ajax 路 one hour geledenBurgemeester Femke Halsema gets the microphone in his hands, but on the sound to hear she is not too popular among the Ajax crowd.Championship Ajax 路 one hour geledenEen beautiful image: the father and brother of Nouri with the scale and the cup.

Players carry the scale to Abdelhak Nouri

AvatarAuteurAT5Moment of plaatsen16:46 – 16 may 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 one hour ago”A dream of mine has come true, all of you”, said the father of Nouri the crowd. “We are Ajax, we are the best!” The 34th title of Ajax is inextricably linked to the 22-year-old player, who in the summer of 2017 heavy brain injury suffered after a cardiac arrest. Nouri played at Ajax with number 34.Championship Ajax 路 one hour geledenEen emotional moment: the father and brother of Abdelhak Nouri to come on stage and may first the scale and the cup to the public show.Championship Ajax 路 one hour suffered a huge cheer comes the selection of Ajax on stage!Championship Ajax 路 one hour geledenDoelman Andr茅 Onana after his career is still getting started as a bus driver.

Andre, we love you. 馃槀

AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen16:38 – 16 may 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 one hour geledenOok rapper Sevn Alias may the Museumplein, just on its head, before the selection of the stage one.Championship Ajax 路 one hour agoOf the people on the square may start to happen: the ceremony of the selection that this season’s double took and nearly kicked to the final of the Champions League.Championship Ajax 路 one hour geledenNa the buikschuiver in Turin, is now expected to Overmars of the stage is going to jump..

A plane flies over the #Museumplein with a cloth behind it, which is: Marc must be married. Referring to Marc #Overmars, technical director of #Ajax.

AvatarAuteurJob van der PlichtMoment of plaatsen16:32 – 16 may 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 one hour geledenTerwijl the men of Kris Kross Amsterdam the crowd more in the mood, are the players on the point to the stage.Championship Ajax 路 one hour geledenDaar is the bus to the Museumplein. Daley Blind gets out with the cup above his head. We still see who is the scale under his arm.Championship Ajax 路 one hour geledenCabaratier Diederik Smit has a suggestion for people who have the Museumplein, is not more to come…

The Museumplein is full. The church calls people to neighborhoods for empty open spaces, such as the town hall square in Eindhoven.

AvatarAuteurDiederik SmitMoment of plaatsen16:21 – may 16, 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 one hour geledenTerwijl the Ajax Women have already been in the spotlight be put, approaching the selection of trainer Erik ten Hag to the Museumplein.

Museumplein, here we come! 馃殣馃挩

AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen16:19 – may 16, 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 one hour agoOn this stage at this moment, the Ajax Women are honoured, for their win in the cup final last weekend against PEC Zwolle.Championship Ajax 路 one hour geledenUiteraard is also the Ajax fans loved Three little birds by Bob Marley sung along loudly.


AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen16:05 – 16 may 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 one hour geledenHet waiting public at the Museumplein is already heated by andr茅 hazes Peter Beense.

Peter Beense sings the supporters to

AvatarAuteurAT5Moment of plaatsen16:08 – 16 may 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 2 hours geledenDe highway is deposited to the bus smoothly through to be able to drive to the Square. No congestion of road traffic, so for the brand new champion.Championship Ajax 路 2 hours geledenHet has no sense for now to the public to come, because it is completely full, warns Ajax.

馃洃 The Museumplein = FULL! 馃洃
It no longer makes sense to be here, Players!
Follow everything live via YouTube –>

AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen16:03 – 16 may 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 2 hours geledenHet is far, the bus leaves from the Johan Cruijff ArenA! About a fifteen minutes, so slightly later than planned, will the Players arrive at the Square.Championship Ajax 路 2 hours agohundreds of thousands of fans on Museumplein for the honouring of AjaxKampioenschap Ajax 路 2 hours geledenOok the Ajax Women will be honored. They were not a champion, but got last weekend or the cup.

The #AjaxVrouwen are almost ready for departure! 馃ぉ
馃敎 Museumplein

AvatarAuteurAjax VrouwenMoment of plaatsen15:22 – may 16, 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 2 hours geledenEr is no food and drink sold at the museum square, but water is there in abundance. Already, we suspect that many of the people themselves, and for what alcoholic beverages have caused.

Free tap water a.k.a. gemeentepils at #Museumplein this afternoon. Cheers and have fun! 馃嵒 #AJAX #ceremony

AvatarAuteurWaternetMoment of plaatsen13:55 – 16 may 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 2 hours geledenHet Museumplein begins to fuller and fuller to flow. About a half-hour is here, the selection of Ajax to be honored after a fantastic season.

WOW! 馃く
So much support! 鈾ワ笍

AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen15:13 – 16 may 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 3 hours ago

Let success make the noise. 馃憫 #nummer34

AvatarAuteurafcajaxMoment of plaatsen14:50 – may 16, 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 3 hours agoOn Ajax-supporters have spoken: the Museumplein begins there is already quite full to the touch.Championship Ajax 路 3 hours agoOver hours will the players and staff of Ajax at this stage the kampioensschaal and the KNVB-cup to the fans show.Championship Ajax 路 3 hours agoThe Museumplein is already built for the ceremony of Ajax.Championship Ajax 路 3 hours agoAbout an hour and a half to have all the Ajax fans that their club yesterday on tv champion saw the opportunity to their heroes yet again to cheer on the Museumplein.Championship Ajax 路 7 hours agoAssists are more important than goals for top goal scorer Tadic
Dusan Tadic is with 28 goals along with Luuk de Jong, scorer of the Eredivisie, but the Serb says that to score goals is not the most important thing is for him. “Fourteen assists are more important to me. I am a type of player that many assists. That is my goal. Not top scorer,” said Tadic in interview with NUsport.Championship Ajax 路 8 hours geledenHet will in the coming time, still slick videos the rain on the canals of Ajax.

Qualities, personalities, joy and trophies. 馃拵

AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen08:29 – may 16, 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 8 hours agoAfterthought Ajax: ‘Tadic and Ajax turns out golden combination’Championship Ajax 路 9 hours geledenOok the coach congratulated Ajax with the 34th national championship.

Congratulations on the 34th national @afcajax!

AvatarAuteurronaldkoemanMoment of plaatsen08:19 – may 16, 2019Kampioenschap Ajax 路 10 hours agoof course We are not nearly done with Ajax. The Amsterdammers completed yesterday, double the national final. Between now and the awards ceremony at 16.00 hours is plenty of time for comments and a look back.Championship Ajax 路 10 hours agoBlind bears 34th national championship Ajax on behalf of team on to Nouri‘s Back up

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