‘Folder RIVM on preventive darmkankeronderzoek unbalanced’

‘Folder RIVM on preventive darmkankeronderzoek unbalanced’

The leaflet of the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM) about preventive darmkankeronderzoek is imbalanced and does not fulfil the quality requirements of the world health organization.

That set an ethicist and three doctors in the artsenblad Medical Contact. The information should be better, they find.

The four believe that there in the folder, selective use is made of figures, and that important details are not mentioned. Also, no comparison is made between do and do not participate in the research. It should be much clearer that there is a choice, they find. Patients with poor condition or limited life expectancy should receive advice not to participate in the preventive study.

The authors find that there is a ‘conflict of interest’ as regards the ENVIRONMENT, because the institute has both the task to the screening to be performed as to the information to take care of. That bites, because the implementation of population screening may benefit from a high participation.


The RIVM says in a comment that “induce to participate’ is not the goal. It wants only an “informed choice” offer. The RIVM will be the folder in 2017, however, by adjusting a reading guide to add which should show that it is also a choice to not participate in the preventive study.

In 2015 the screening of colorectal cancer introduced, the mortality from this disease to reduce.

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