Folau is complaining rugby association, the team to after discharge from the hospital to the homophobic statements

The Australian rugbyer, Israel Folau, has filed a lawsuit against the Australian rugby association, the team. The international hit earlier this year in time because of the homophobic statements, and was fired as a result.

In the case that Folau is claiming that his contract is wrongfully terminated, it is. The fullback has to feel himself to be the victim of religious discrimination, and the demands of a 10 million Australian dollar (6.2 million euros) in compensation, reports the BBC.

A devoutly religious Folau got it in april, global news, when social media was said to be for drunks, homosexuals, vreemdgangers, liars, the immoral, the thieves, atheists, and pagans, “hell awaits”, and that “only Jesus is the salvation it can bring.

The 73-times international has posted in the past have been more of such posts on social media and was warned by Rugby Australia. Nevertheless, it was Folau, by which he was dismissed due to a violation of the code of conduct in the contract. For that reason he is not international any more.

The concerned post and Israel Folau are on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

‘Decision creates a precedent’

Folau fight his dismissal to the court of law, but also because of a large number of sponsorship deals, is lost. Through crowd funding he is already around 1.5 million euros to pick it up.

The decision, according to the experts as an important precedent in Australian labour law. “Never before has there been a decision on the apparent conflict between the right of an employer to use the comments of employees in social media to monitor, and the right to religious and political freedoms of the employee”, says the lawyer, and Anthony Forsyth.

An independent commission for Rugby Australia is in the right. Due to the resignation of miss Folau is the world cup in Japan, from september 20 to november 2, will be held. Australia’s hopes in Asia’s third best in the history of risk.

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