Flynn, in turn, subpoenaed documents, Senate intelligence committee

The former national security Advisor, Michael Flynn will hand over personal and business records of the Senate intelligence committee invited, a source close to the retired army Lieutenant General told Fox News on Monday.

Flynn, who was fired as the national security adviser in February, dismissed a first summons for the personal document from the Committee, citing his Fifth is Amendment rights. The Committee replied the leader, by subpoenaing records in relation to Flynn consulting companies, which are not subject to Fifth Amendment protection.

The source told Fox News that the Committee recently narrowed his wish for Flynn’s personal records, which will allow it to accommodate the Committee’s requests without prejudice to his legal rights. Flynn’s lawyers had argued that the previous request was too broad and needed Flynn would have could, in turn, on information which have been used against him.

The source added that Flynn’s cooperation with Congress-investigations of wanted and was grateful that the Senate-had panel, narrowed the scope of your request.

The house and Senate intelligence committees, as well as the FBI, are conducting an investigation into the Russian activities during the 2016 election, including the question of whether members of Trump’s campaign team discussed with Russian officials.

Flynn, came in as President, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, noted a request for documents, and manipulate as part of a house Committee in a separate probe in Russia the elections and contacts with the trump campaign.

Cohen, a longtime lawyer for the Trump organization, will always be a personal lawyer for Trump. He served as a cable TV replacement for the Republicans during the presidential campaign.

The House intelligence committee request for information by Cohen came as investigators continue to question members of the trump card of the inner circle, including Flynn. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said last week that a subpoena for Flynn from the house panel was probably.

“I declined the invitation, as soon as the application was poorly formulated, too broad and not able to be answered,” Cohen told The Associated Press. “I think it’s irresponsible and improper, and that the request was sent to me by those who work in the Committee.”

Cohen told ABC News on Tuesday that he had been asked by both the house and Senate intelligence committees, information to deliver, and the testimony about the contacts he had with Russian officials.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the accusations of Moscow’s interference in the US presidential election are “fiction” is an invention of the Democrats to explain their loss. In an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro, Putin and his strong denial of Russian involvement in the hacking of Democratic E-Mails confirmed. The interview was recorded during Putin’s Monday trip to Paris on Tuesday.

Trump has a similar claim in a tweet Tuesday morning: “the Russian government must be laughing in the U.S., and how is such a lame excuse for why the Democrats lost the election taken on the Fake message.”

Cohen’s relations with the Russian interests came in February, when The New York Times reported that Cohen helped broker a Ukraine peace plan that it would call for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and a referendum for the Ukrainians to decide whether the part of the country seized by Russia in 2014, is leased to Moscow. The Russian government denied knowing anything about such a plan.

The Times reported that the peace plan was the work of Felix Sater, a business partner, which has contributed to the Trump try to find the business in Russia, and Cohen.

Cohen was a fierce defender of the Trump during the campaign, often haranguing the drilling Reporter and famous, challenging a CNN reporter live on-air, the name of the specific surveys, which showed then-candidate Trump his rival, Hillary Clinton.

In the early 2000s, he founded his own law firm works on a variety of legal matters, including malpractice cases, business law and working on an ethanol business in Ukraine. Cohen is also owned and operated a handful of taxi medallions, the management of a fleet of Taxis in New York.

Cohen business partners in the taxi business included a number of men from the former Soviet Union, including his Ukrainian-born father-in-law.

Cohen has his own unsuccessful attempts to lose a public office, a city Council race and a short assembly in New York to run for the state.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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