Florida venomous snake is eating another snake as a giant wasp attacks, in the wild-video

to connectVideoCannibalistic tube is inserted halfway through the meal

Raw video: Cell phone footage captures a venomous coral snake eating another snake in a Florida garden to the rear.

Florida’s wild has been proven once again, no matter how wild it may be, once, a woman shared a video of a venomous coral snake eating another snake, as it was being attacked by a yellow jacket wasp.

Evangeline Cummings, a member of the University of Florida, and shot the video in her Gainesville back garden last week and shared it on Twitter, and read about how the wild-a scenario that happened.


The video showed the eastern coral snake’s bite, in what appeared to be a dead rat snake, as the two hoses are hung up in the branches of a rose bush. A wasp then landed on the coral snake, and a moment later, the reptile began to thrash about wildly to chase away the wasp.

Eastern coral snakes, such as the one pictured above, are relatives of the cobra, mamba, and sea snake. The colored pattern of the discoloration stripes hit the red stripes indicate that they are poisonous.

It was unclear whether or not the wasp had stung the coral snake to whip. It is also not clear as to how the two hoses are placed in the branches of the bush.

“You don’t know how the rat snake got in there,” Cummings wrote. “Dropped by a hawk? So, a lot of questions. And how does a coral snake and climb up the thorns of a rose bush!?!”

Natalie Claunch, a doctoral student at the university, said that while coral snakes are great climbers, and the free meal will act as a great motivation.

The eastern coral snake also known as Micrurus fulvius, and eat lizards, frogs, and smaller snakes, including other coral snakes, according to National Geographic. While the snakes are well known for their potent venom, they need to chew on their victim to inject their venom fully.


For now, Cummings has taken care to have an idea of how the circumstances have unfolded.

“So, we have now settled on our favorite theory: rat, snake was dropped by a hawk or something similar, and it landed in the rosebush,” Cummings wrote. “But the rat snake was a little bit turned around in the branches, so I’m wondering whether, if he had fallen, it was still partially alive and trying to free himself, and couldn’t do it.”

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