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A Florida school resource officer has been dismissed after investigators found a sexually explicit video of her, naked, to a cell phone in the school bathroom during her first day at work.

The unidentified female officer from the Kissimmee Police department shot the video in December, while she was on duty at Imagine Kissimmee Charter Academy, and sent it to her husband, according to case documents obtained by Fox News.


In the video, the resource officer has to appear naked in the bathroom, the bathroom, touching himself inappropriately, urinate, and have to talk to the intended recipient, that is, she said, was her husband. In the video, along with some of the explicit photos were discovered by the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office earlier this year, and while she is investigated as a domestic issue between the wife and her husband.

A school resource officer at Imagine Kissimmee Charter Academy, in Florida, was fired as a result of taking sexually explicit photos and a video of himself in a school bathroom while at work.
(Kissimmee Police Department)

The officer said that when she was on her lunch break at the video, and a separate toilet which no-one had walked in on her.” The researchers said, ” regardless of whether or not they are on a break, and in her naked state “, it would slow down the immediate response is,” as they were called upon to take action.

More than 770 students from kindergarten through eighth grade attend the school’s resource officer, recognized for her job was a result of the recent shooting rampage at a high school in Florida.”

The woman told investigators that she did not realize that she had been in a fight with any of the policies and was more concerned about what she was going home and that she had been “coerced” by her husband, who had reportedly asked for the pictures and videos of her, and that she was a victim of domestic violence.

In the video, an officer appears, naked, in the bathroom, the bathroom, touching himself inappropriately, urinate, and have to talk to the intended recipient, that is, she said, was her husband.
(Kissimmee Police Department)

They “have expressed a regret in her actions,” according to the police report, “and” I know that it is wrong,” but don’t think they should be fired.

“The transmission of the material does not affect the ability to perform my job, and it is important to note that no one was hurt because of my actions,” she wrote in a memo to the department’s deputy chief.


Chief of police Jeffrey r. O’Dell said in a statement that as soon as the department became aware of the video, we immediately launched an investigation and removed the officer to be kind (sic) of the schools (sic) on the campus.”

“The safety and security of our community, especially when it comes to our children, and our top priority is to provide for the Convenient Division of the Police department,” he said, according to WKMG-TV. “The actions of the School Resource Officer to work at a school, it is not a reflection of the Department’s highest priority and, as a result of that person has been lost.”

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