Florida man 18-foot, 150 pound python breaks record in state

connectVideoFlorida man catches record 18-foot Burmese python, the largest in the state

A Florida man now has the record for the capture of the largest Burmese python in the state, after he tangled in a huge 18-footer on the weekend.

John Hammond, captured the snake in the Florida Everglades as part of the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Python Elimination Program, Fox 35 reported.

“Ran down, grabbed him by the head. When I did that, it narrowed me from the waist down, that was the plan,” Hammond told the news station of the recording.


“The snake bags were too small. I had a tent bag in the truck. I persuaded it into the tent bag, and then the tent bag in a corridor,” he added.

The snake, which weighed 150 kilograms, is shown in Hammond’s driveway, while he is the skin of the animal for its hide.

The Florida man python broke the record for the largest caught in the state so far.

“The interior of the leather, and if we can get to using it here, it is not lost,” he said.

The SFWMD, the program helps to eliminate the “invasive” species of the Everglades ecosystem, as Burmese pythons there is “decimated native populations of wild animals,” the agency said.


Professional pythons hunters, as selected by the program officials, be allowed to continue on district-owned land to hunt. The animals are then cared for and humanely killed.

Hammond-s 18-foot python was killed by officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), according to Fox 35. The FWC took to Facebook Tuesday to share a picture of the long snake, add “during the cooler months, people are more likely to see pythons during the day.”

Hammond now takes the title for largest Burmese python caught in the state. A man in West Palm Beach previously held the record for a 17-foot, 5-inch, 120-pound python he caught in November.

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