Floortje Dessing is that they first “incredibly bad” television made

Floortje Dessing is that they first “incredibly bad” television made

Floortje Dessing won’t look with pride back at the beginning of her television career. The presenter commented in The World Turn By back on more than twenty years of television.

“As I myself see it then I think: how wonderful if you’re young and that you are just incredibly bad television can be,” said the 46-year-old presenter about her first televisieklus Young Americans at Veronica.

Dessing says that they’ve always dreamed of presenting a travel programme, but that they per chance in the box, rolled. “I came to radio from and that is how I felt. When there was someone sick and they said you can go.”

Through the years Dessing the present travel program really like a box. “We have very often in the past had people who said: I also want a travel program do. Who did that then, but that’s not it. You have to feel, want and need just for life.”


The presenter has now learned what is the biggest challenge is within her box. “The most difficult if you’re presenting on television is that you set your own price to sail and there to secure.”

Dessing argues that her wishes do not always match those of her employer. “I worked at one point with RTL, I have always a lot of fun hard work and freedom. At one point there was an interim director who said: you need to Funniest Home Videos. And if you’re not doing that, have you lost your job and your entire team also.”

The incident led eventually the announcer came on the public broadcaster. “And I was like a fish in the water.”


Monday was Dessing declared Omroepvrouw of the Year. A yearly prize by mediavakblad Broadcast Magazine.

Winning that title is the host of surreal. “You get such a big trophy and then you see your name on a small picture stand among all those big names. For me, that is very strange to see.”

Dessing thinks that winning the prize let’s see what you can achieve regardless of how your career starts. “I’m a good example of someone who is very far and after twenty years here am released. I find it crazy that that can as a presenter.”

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