Floating Russian nuclear power station reaches the destination in the Arctic

The construction of russia’s first floating nuclear power plant is a Saturday, and arrived at the place of destination, and the Polar Pevek. The ship sailed in August, the Arctic Ocean, despite warnings from environmental groups. These organizations are afraid of the serious risks associated with the project.

“The floating nuclear power plant Akademik Lomonosov is to arrive at Pevek, in the autonomous region of Chukotka,” says the Russian state-owned Rosatom.

It is 144 meters long and 30 meters wide, the platform was on the 23rd of August, departed from Murmansk in the north-west of the country and has been for more than three weeks later, and after a journey of 5000 miles we had arrived in the North of The city. The ship is made up of the colors of the Russian flag: white, blue, and red.

The plant, with two reactors of 35 mw, at the end of the year, to the local distribution network is connected and in operation. The Akedemik Lomonosov should be to supply electricity to about 100,000 people, and the oil rigs of the time.

Rosatom believes that the reactor will be a far better alternative is to build a conventional nuclear power station in permanently frozen ground. The company also has the intention to make more of these types of power plants to build, and to the world of selling.


Russians have control of a nuclear Titanic,’ the sea,

Environmental groups speak to the ‘Agent on ice’

Several environmental groups have been warning for some time of the potential risks associated with the project. It would be a “Disaster on ice”, or “a nuclear Titanic,” as they are.

The Russian branch of Greenpeace is of the opinion that the Akedemik Lomonosov’s vulnerable to storms. In addition, says Greenpeace, is that each of the nuclear power plant accident and the radioactive waste it produces.

These concerns are exacerbated by the recent nuclear explosions at a military testing site in the north of the country, in which five scientists are to be killed. Rosatom believes that the ship could not sink, and it definitely has to be resistant against the destructive forces of nature like hurricanes.


Russia’s new atoomijsbreker on the water

Non-nuclear Russian vessel

This is not the first nuclear vessel to be in Russia. In may of this year, the country’s nuclear-powered ice-breaker to the water heater, that is in 2022, it is to be used. The vessel is then to Rosatom to take action.

Russia hopes that by 2035, thirteen heavy-duty ice-breakers, of which nine with a nuclear reactor, to its disposal, too.

These plans will belong to the Russian desire to be more present in the region. Here it was decided by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in 2017 to apply. Due to the warming of the earth, Russia, the opportunities for shipping routes and the extraction of fossil fuels.


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