Flights Hanover airport resumed car on a platform not dangerous

The air traffic of the airport in the German city of Hanover is Saturday temporarily shut down. This came after a 21-year-old motorist is under the influence of drugs, the platform was driven into.

The police reports that around 15.40 a man with his car through a fence and was driven. Therefore, he could on the ledge and his vehicle to a stationary aircraft parking. In the device of a Greek airline were 172 passengers.

Agents could the man quickly stop and hold. It comes to a man from Poland. It is not clear what his motive was. It does not seem likely that it is a terrorist action, according to police. The suspect refuses to make a statement.

As a precaution, all of the air traffic shut down. Around 20.05 hours the air traffic resumed after investigations revealed that the car has no dangerous objects layers. The man wore itself no weapons and had no other hazardous objects.

The security measures at the airport, among other Hannover shortly before the holidays strengthened. That happened after at the airport of Stuttgart were indications for a plan of committing an attack.

Security at the airport of Hanover. (Photo: AFP)

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