Flight attendant: “We cringe” at passengers that their shoes

OK, so the flight attendants can make an exception for BABY feet, but no one on the toes should never touch the floor.


Frequent flyers are familiar with many of the ways your body is changing, while in a pressurized tube at 40,000 feet: your ears pop, your ability to taste change and you might find it harder to get shoes back on after a flight.

There is a multitude of tricks to combat the last problem (hello, compression socks), but the best advice can be to prevent your shoes all the time, according to the flight attendants. The reason has less to do with compression and more to do with cleaning.

“We see people out of their chairs in the bathroom is all the time in bare feet and we’re shrinking because these floors are full of germs,” Linda Ferguson, a veteran flight attendant, told Reader’s Digest. “Never walk barefoot in the bathroom or the kitchen, because sometimes we drop glasses and there could be sharp glass there.”

In the cabin, the carpets are only spot cleaned if necessary. When something (food, drink, stomach juice is spilled, the clean-up crew will eliminate the stain, but they will not necessarily be the disinfection of the entire area where germs can spread.

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Oh, and while we’re discussing germs: The tables and the armrests are nasty. Not with your bare feet on that — though none of the passengers could ever need to do, out of courtesy to others.

Aircraft: the more you know, the more a hazmat suit seems to be the ideal travel outfit.

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