Flight attendant union calls for stronger preventive measures against corona virus

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Dr. George Diaz, Section Chief of Infectious Diseases at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, will give an update on the first patient in the United States of america, the contract, Wuhan, feline corona virus. Dr. Diaz explains how the virus is spread, its incubation period, its symptoms and signs.

A flight attendant’s union doesn’t want its members to be remembered at the corona virus outbreak.

The Association of Professional flight Attendants, a letter was published calling for a stronger, more “preventative measures” for the protection of both the crew and the passengers to the contagious virus. The union representing the flight attendants working for American Airlines.

Lori Bassani, the National President of the APFA, said: “The safety of our crew members, and passengers is a top priority for us, and we refuse to compromise their health or safety in any way.”

On the european union website, the letter states, “as well As the corona virus disease outbreak continues to spread around the world, and the Association of Professional flight Attendants (APFA), the union of more than 27, 000 flight attendants for American Airlines, is urging the airlines to step up preventive measures for the protection of both the crew and the passengers.”


In a letter to the APFA calls for American Airlines and all other airlines to institute an immediate emergency measures, including the provision of crew, for the latest information on the 2019-nCoV outbreak, and the identification of the signs and symptoms of the disease, with themselves, and with others, and the practical procedures for the management of potentially sick people.”


Fox News reported that at least five people in the Canadian province of Quebec are in the hospital under close observation in the midst of that, they are likely to be exposed to the Chinese, the corona virus that has sickened 500 people and killed at least 17.

Lori Bassani, the national president of the APFA, called for a number of companies to get the information from the CDC, WHO, OSHA, and other relevant organisations, in order to keep the passengers safe and secure.


“The well-being of our crew members, and passengers is a top priority for us, and we refuse to compromise their health or safety in any way,” Bassani said in a statement. “I’m urging of American Airlines, and all airlines, in order to do all that is humanly possible, is to take the time and minimize the risk of exposure. We will continue to speak out in order to make sure airlines are erring on the side of safety and put our members’ health first, in these dangerous times.”

Fox News’ Madeline Farber contributed to this report.

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