Flemish government wants to introduce road pricing on all roads

The Flemish government is examining whether all roads in Flanders, a road pricing can be introduced to crowds and traffic jams.

According to the financial-economic newspaper De tijd was the first also looked at a tax that would only apply to places with a lot of file, such as the ring of Antwerp. But that scenario is off the table, because it would lead to shortcut traffic on less busy roads. The levy introduced, foreign drivers are going to pay.

According to the Flemish verkeersminister Ben Weyts, revenue from the tax should to a other autobelasting, the so-called partnership, to reduce. Also there would be more money in the infrastructure can be put into it.

Weyts says that the decision about introduction of a road pricing to the next Flemish government. That will be at the earliest in 2024 or 2025 happen.

Belgium has already a road pricing for trucks. That was in april of 2016 force.

In the Netherlands road pricing for years is a controversial issue

In the Netherlands, is the possible introduction of a road pricing have been a point of discussion. The plans for road-pricing date from the era-Lubbers II. Minister of transport, public Works and water management, Neelie Smit-Kroes (VVD) argued at the time for the first charging. However, it took until the Kok II cabinet before such a plan actually in a coalition agreement was recorded.

In may 2000, led by minister Tineke Netelenbos eleven pilot sites for a system of road pricing designated. However, there was insufficient public support for the plans and Netelenbos got the idea not by the room.

That prevented CDA-minister Camiel Eurlings, eight years later, under the cabinet Balkenende IV to the Act committed “for the charge of a use dependent price for driving a motor vehicle”.

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ANWB: ‘There is fast action is needed against avoid congestion’

After the fall of the cabinet on the extension of the Task Force Uruzgan (tfu) mission in Afghanistan was the Law Kilometers price under the cabinet-Rutte I at the end of 2010 repealed. His party, the VVD is against road pricing in any form whatsoever.

Yet, the national debate on road pricing rekindled the past few months, because the avoid congestion in the Netherlands continues to increase. The ANWB, the government has now called for a road pricing to enter and like all the RAI Association that the current system of car taxes on the shovel.

“The aa is against spitsheffing, but a strong proponent of pay as you go. We go over the next three years, 40 to 50 percent more in the file, and there is, therefore, fast action is needed,” said ceo Frits van Bruggen in november on NPO Radio 1.

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