Flashes the peace sign that your identity has been stolen

File photo – A taxi driver flashes a peace sign as he and other taxi drivers protest against Uber in Montreal, Canada, Oct. 5, 2016. (REUTERS/Christinne Muschi)

Thanks to improvements in technology, the next popular hand gestures are not advised in photos: waving, giving the thumbs up, and flashing the peace sign. The increase of the double bird, or a fist to remain excellent options.

Researchers from the National Institute of Informatics in Japan say that the smartphone cameras are now so good, it is possible to steal someone’s fingerprints, a photo, up to 10 metres away, AFP reports.

“Just by casually a peace sign in front of a camera, fingerprints can be available on a large scale,” researcher Isao Echizen tells a Japanese newspaper. According to CNET, Echizen specifically warns the sign of the peace because of its ubiquity in Japan, and because it makes it easy to match the fingers with faces.

Echizen says anyone can now steal fingerprints from a picture posted to social media—no high-tech installation required—as long as the fingers are well-lit and in focus.

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He warns that the steal of the fingerprints is potentially more dangerous than having a password hacked because passwords, unlike fingerprints, can be changed, but International Business Times.

The BBC notes fingerprints are increasingly used for access to everything from phones to bank accounts, and not to mention secure buildings. Not coincidentally, the National Institute for Informatics has a clear coating that can be connected to the fingers to hide the prints.

(The sleeping parents are also in danger of having their fingerprints stolen … by their children.)

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