Flagey brings 100 years of Russia’s image during the Russian Days

The Russian composer Eduard Artemiev played one of the first synthesizers on the planet and made the soundtrack to dozens of films from Russia and beyond. Enough reasons for Flagey to him in the spot lights during the Russian Days, from 16 to 18 december.

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2017 is 100 years ago that the First world War to an end came and the Russian revolution of 1917 broke out. To remember wants, Flagey, the Russia of yesteryear back to life call in a three-day festival. One of the guests of honour was Edward Artemiev, who, together with director Nikita Milhalkov one of the most iconic tandems in the film industry formed, in addition to duo’s if Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, or Sergio Leone and his composer Ennio Morricone.

Although Artemiev studied at the Moscow Conservatory, he was particularly fascinated by a whole new instrument at that time saw the light: the synthesizer. He combined his classical background with this new sound and became a pioneer in the elektromuziek. His music was quickly picked up in the Russian film world, where he became a celebrated composer. Meanwhile, he was already more than 125 soundtracks. A small selection from this, on 16 december at the Flagey performed by the Brussels Philharmonic and the Flemish Radio Choir, under the direction of conductor Dirk Brossé. Artemiev will be present during the concert and afterwards also to enter into the debate with some of the other speakers.

In addition, several films that Artemiev’s music is composed and the lion’s share by Milhalkov directed. A must is The Barber of Siberia, an epic love drama inspired set in the aristocratic Russia of 1885. The film tells the story of the American Jane, who is hired as a temptress to Russia pulls and there is instructed a general to decorate. She, however, falls for one of his cadets, and this results in an intriguing love triangle. Against the background of this classic liefdesverhaaltje, the film shows a beautiful image of the 19th-century Russia and the former tsarist regime.

Another classic from the duo Milhalkov – Artemiev is Burnt Or Ice, which is set during the dictatorship of Stalin. The film was not only in Russia a big success, but was also in the US good reviews and won several awards, including the Grand Price at the Cannes film festival and an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The first part of the print almost seems like a cosy family film, in which the patriot and ex-army officer Kotov and his family a peaceful holiday in the countryside. But his estate is soon the stage of political intrigue and power games turn, clean appearance and a precise dissection of the terreurregime of Stalin.

On the program are also a few movies that have nothing to with the music of Artemiev, but no less worthwhile. So is the avant-garde The Man With A Movie Camera Dziga Vertov shown, a film which the cinema itself as a subject. This exciting picture was in 1929 released and had for the first time, no words, no actors, no story and not even tussentitels. However, there are a lot of new camera techniques in the life called, freeze and slow-motion to the jump cuts and split screen. Get lost in the absurd stream of images about the daily life in the Sovietunie, a cinematic trip that also today will astound you. The screening of the film in Flagey will be accompanied with live piano music.

Besides film and music, there will also in the literary field one and another to experience during the Russian Days. An important guest is Mikhail Zygar, one of the last independent Russian journalists and the author of All the Kremlin’s Men : Inside the Court of Vladimir Putin. To do this, he won at the 2014 International Press Freedom Award. In Flagey he performs in a debate with the British historian and Ruslandkenner Orlando Figes, the poet Olga Sedakova and critical writer Mikhail Shishkin. Together they will present-day Russia to critically review, where especially freedom of the press is an important theme.

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Further, the british historian Catherine Merridale her new book, Lenin on the train proposals. To do this, she is literally following in the footsteps of Lenin, who in 1917 a train journey made across the continent in full war.

Russian Days, of 16/12 to 18/12 in Flagey, Brussels. All the info on

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