Five tips for the perfect summer dinner party

The summer, that is the perfect time to meals to organize for your friends or family. How to get there is guaranteed to be a success without you as the hostess or mr. decays of the stress, you can read here.

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The golden rule for dinner parties that you don’t want that something goes wrong is: keep it simple. Especially on a summer day you can have dinner based on that rule, because the sun is already appointed to the wow-factor to take care of. Don’t forget that your guests must be surprised with your cooking skills and ensure that it is a whole lot of fun. That’s what you do:

1. Welcome drink

Summer or not, a drink is always there. With the classic ‘would you like something to drink?” -question do you ensure that your guests feel immediately welcome feel. You can of course opt for a glass of fresh rosé or cava, but you can enjoy an appetizer also used as a ideal chance to make your dinner party to color with your wonderful personality. Offer your guests, for example, an original cocktail that they have nowhere else to drink.


A successful dinner party is in little things, not complicated menus.

Make sure also something for those who don’t drink alcohol! That can be something other than cola. Gun them the same good start of the evening as your other guests and invest some of your time in a nice, homemade non-alcoholic drink.

2. Decoration

A lot of extra gezelligheidsmakers don’t need you if you have a garden available in the summer: the sun setting and the greenery around you forms an atmospheric setting. You will find something missing at your table? Then walk your garden (or in the absence thereof: a nearby meadow) and reap some (wild) flowers. That you can traditional in vases on the table, but you can also, for example, on each board a flower. Additional atmosphere you can create easily with a shipload of candles, cute cushions on the chairs and a nice table cloth.

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3. The menu

As has been said, keep it simple. You really want no five-course serving each corridor five different preparations will need while you are friends, you have a great time – without you, of course, because you’re standing in the kitchen.

Spend prefer time on your preparation than cooking in the moment: think in advance carefully about what you are going to serve, go with a detailed shopping list to the store so you don’t forget anything and put as much as possible ready beforehand. Remember that a stew a day later, often even better and a lot of desserts such as pie, cake, or chocolate mousse, even in advance have to make.

For example:

Tomatencarpaccio with burrata and vanilla

Auberginecannelloni with spinach and ricotta

Glasses of vanilla ice cream with frambozencoulis

This summer menu can be completely in advance. The only thing that you need to do, is the cannelloni slide it into the oven about twenty minutes for your table.

4. Valve

A successful dinner party is in little things. For example, replace the cookies out of a packet with coffee or tea at the end of the meal by home-made copies. For the amount of work you do in any case not to leave it, because some recipes are ready for you know. Or replace mint tea from a bag by the fresh variation! That will cost you hardly any effort, but you do get thankful glances in return.

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5. Enjoy it

This is perhaps the most important tip of all. Your friends or family members you can’t go less like to see if there is anything burnt or you forgot the water on the table. The most important thing is that they have a fine evening and that is difficult if you all the time like a chicken without a head walk around and you are continuously sitting to apologize that the cuisson is not perfect.

Don’t forget to breathe and spend enough attention to your guests. You forget this you vegetables in the oven which makes them very ‘crispy’ should serve? Is that guaranteed to be the running gag of the evening.


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