Five things you need to know about the reforms introduced by president Putin

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, announced on Tuesday the new amendments to the constitution, and disbanded on Wednesday gave the government of prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. What is the strategy behind the plan was the most powerful man in Russia? Here are the five things you need to know about the reform.
1. Putin has a need for a new government

According to Hubert, Smith, a historian and co-founder of the University of Leiden, connected to journalistencollectief a Window on Russia, it is putin’s need for a new government, which is the result of a growing protest within the population. “With the increase of the retirement age in 2018 and there are seats of the fire of social protests emerged in Russia,” said Smith.

The highlight of the social protests, according to Smith, the elections in Moscow, when, for weeks on end to protest and democratic opposition candidates were excluded from the elections, or even be arrested. As a result, a verkiezingsopkomst of 20 per cent., in which not a single candidate on behalf of putin’s party, gemeenteraadszetel knew how to win.

“Who lost the election were all of a symbolic and a moral defeat for Putin and his government,” said Smith. The new faces in the Kremlin, may be a return of confidence in putin’s government, which is of interest in view of the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2021.

2. Putin’s term is due to expire in 2024

In a bid for the 2024 games goes putin’s fourth presidentstermijn off. In the current Russian constitution stipulates that a president only two terms in succession, that office may be at play. Vladimir putin did have the power to retain from 2008 to 2012 for the prime minister to serve under president Medvedev. In 2012, vladimir Putin stepped back from Medvedev, who in his turn, the prime minister was.

When putin’s term of office, in a bid for the 2024 games end, there will be a new way of making the most powerful man in all of Russia, to continue to be. Before that, he was a government behind it, to make any amendments to the constitution have to be able to do. In that way, it will be At the maximum of the two presidentstermijnen of the constitution, to be able to delete it.

But Putin is, after 2024 the president will continue to be, it is still far from certain. “It could also be that Putin, after his republican party, wants to act as the chairman of the council of state or the un security council,” said Smith. And it is precisely these two bodies are given more power to putin’s amendments to the constitution.

3. The amendments to the constitution allow for power shifting

Putin’s constitutional amendments provide for, among other things, a decentralization of power that the president currently enjoys. If he wants a referendum to approve the parliament is now the prime minister, and members of cabinets to choose. This is the job still in it. The party of vladimir Putin, the parliament, is firmly in your hands.

That is, Putin and the power of the president is anything, would seem to indicate that he is following bid for the 2024 games is not the president anymore. More likely to remain At, however, the chairman of the national security council, or he takes over the presidency of the so-called council of state, in and of itself. That is the last body to let Putin into the constitution, which is the far more influence and has a vital role to play in the national board of directors. “A lot of political analysts in Russia believe that Putin’s visit is one of those boards move,” said Smith

A verkiezingsposter of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev will be available in the city of Krasnodar. (Photo: Reuters)

4. Who is the new prime minister?

The new prime minister, the former head of the federal tax service Mikhail Mishustin, was on Thursday unanimously appointed by the Russian parliament. The analysts were surprised to find that it is relatively unknown in Russian politics by vladimir Putin, was nominated as the prime minister’s office. “I would have expected that the mayor of Moscow and prime minister, it would be because he’s so popular,” says Smith.

But that is At an unknown Mishustin to the front and pushed back, it can also be a tactical move to have been. “For an unknown prime minister makes less and less attention. In addition, you can Mishustin, as the former head of the tax and customs administration, plays an important role to play in the formulation of the general tax code with Russia, something that Putin also wants to be.”

5. Ex-prime minister Medvedev is not a political drama is gone

It Is ex-prime minister and ex-president Medvedev by vladimir Putin on the bulky set? Not: Medvedev has appointed the second-in-command of the Russian national security council, which is comprised of board members from the Russian ministries of Defense and Interior and the intelligence community.

“By doing so, Putin, Medvedev, thank you for all of the years of loyalty,” says Smith. “In addition, it is At an advantageous position: he was a friend of mine in the council if he is to become himself, not a president anymore.”

All of these changes, pointing out that Putin is busy trying to get even after a bid for the 2024 games have the power to maintain it.

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