Five questions and answers about the E-Division


Five questions and answers about the E-Division


With a lot of fuss was last month the E-Division has been launched. Five questions to Marc Rondagh, development manager of the Eredivisie CV, the how and why of this League for FIFA gamers.

The E-Division, which NUsport as media partner highlights broadcasts, will from this week in gambling run parallel to the ‘ordinary’ Eredivisie.

1. Why is the E-Division in the life called?

“The occupancy rate in the stadiums runs the past few years further back, partly due to the ageing of the population. There is a decreasing trend in the number of supporters that a visit to a league game, so we see the E-Division as an attempt at rejuvenation. It offers the clubs an extra stage to a younger audience. We can, therefore, have the teams from the Premier league not only in weekends but also on weekdays and in the winter is important.”

2. Why play the eSporters with Ronaldo and Messi in place of players of their own club?

“The E-Division, you must actually see as a major qualifier for European championship, for gamers. Just like what the Premier league for the Champions League. If we are part of the international structure of EA Sports (the maker of FIFA 17, eds.), the gamers play with Ultimate Team, a speelmode where you make a selection. We also wanted to be happy that the gamers and the players from the real teams would play, so Luigi Bruins from Excelsior and Ard of young coach at Roda JC, but the quality difference between the clubs is too large. Then you know almost certainly that Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV almost always will win with the lower teams. The other alternative was the speelmode FIFA Interactive World Cup. In this speelmode all players will have a ranking of 85, making all players equal. Unfortunately that is not the EA. It really need to be in Ultimate Team, because that is a requirement to have within the structure to fall. Therefore, playing the clubs now with players like Ronaldo, Neymar and Messi.”

3. But the selection of Ajax is really just better than Roda JC?

“Do not forget that it is in the E-Division revolves around the qualities of the gamer. In this competition, it’s not necessarily for the club, but especially to the eSporter. You must see him as the club’s manager with the tactical awareness and skills. Peter Bosz has been with Ajax his own selection, and so has the eSporter his own players on FIFA. That way, we do justice to the gamer and we keep it as fair as possible for everyone.”

4. What will the winner of the E-Division?

“There’s a big trophy for the winner. Or that a scale, such as in the Eredivisie, we do not know. The winner will get, in any case, no amount of money, but there is something on the game. The numbers one and two, namely Europe, and there are nice amounts. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, you can qualify for the world cup and you can make all lot of money.”

5. How does it work with promoting and demoting from the E-Division?

“That is unfortunately dependent on of the Premier league, as the Jupiler League is not in FIFA 17. How much we also depend on the performance in the E-Division want to create, it just can’t. Assume that Roda JC or ADO Den Haag to the E-Division wins, but the club in the Premier league get relegated, then it appears for now that those clubs next year not to participate in the E-Division. The Premier league will soon contract with the makers of FIFA to talk about the Jupiler League in FIFA 18. That is high on the list. Maybe the league next year in the game, but now we know not yet.”

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