Five notable moments from previous seasons of Temptation Island

After having a pretty good season of Temptation Island, from Thursday, a series of the VIP-edition-for-the-door. looking back at five notable moments in the history of the realityprogramma over the past few years.
“No girls allowed, unless She Believes’

Tim Timtation’, Wauters, was the sensation of the season, with ten. Before the start of the real adventure, and shouted to Tim, his love for Deborah, on the floor. If this adventure is to survive, he would have her at the wedding ask. “No girls allowed, unless She Believes,” he wrote on the papers that he was at his window, hung up. But the good girl Cherish knew of Tim’s mind, and Tim did not even have a tattoo with cherry added, referring to Cherish. During the Temptation Island, said Tim, of How he fell in love with Cherish. At the campfire, where the couples meet each other for the first time you saw it, and threw Deborah’s engagement ring, which is Tim’s hair in the way of that friendship was on fire.

Laura, with her ex-Sweetheart. (Photo: RTL)

Tempter points to running off, “I’ll have to decline”

The dreamdate Laura was the last one isn’t quite as I expected. The blonde asked, deceiver Gaetan, but he declined the offer. “I’ll have to decline,” said the tempter, who has a crush on Demi. “We have a really nice click, but I think it’s someone else I need to meevragen on dreamdate.” Laura is knocked out and then her second choice, or True, as if he was honored, but in front of the camera, what else to say. “I’m never, never, never, never, one’s second choice. However, I thought to myself: “my mom has made me a better, educated. Always be a gentleman to a woman in need of help.”

Deceiver True. (Photo: RTL)

John and Myself for the second time at Temptation

This year, for the first time, a VIP version of the program. Since there are, however, few CELEBRITIES excited that you are decided to produce an unknown torque to be added to the deelnemersprogramma: Mr and Gelina. Stefano was in the wrong and lied about it – but it was also a problem with a couple we knew from a previous edition of the Temptation: the Player and Myself. Rosanna was weird with the tempter, Alex, and the couple wanted to have a second chance to prove to you that they are made for each other are.

It went on to something else. The player fell for the charms of a temptress Fabiola, and in the house, where Rosanna was staying, it was very exciting when he suddenly appeared. Themselves, they claim that this has not happened, but they were together in the same bed. The relationship between the Player and Myself came and went, but eventually they will meet each other again. In the meantime, there are babies and wedding plans.

John and Rosanna (Photo: RTL)

Recording stopped; host Annelien burst into tears

What do you and Lisa have participated in the ninth season of Temptation Island. What do you saw to Lisa, and a woman kiss, and went on with it as a border. He allowed himself to be seduced by Pommeline, and when Lisa pictures of mine burst out in tears. At the moment, the shooting stopped, he told the host of Annelien Coorevits and later in an interview. “They were all crying, and I have not kept dry. I’m Lisa and have to hold on to, because she was shaking. We have the pictures shut down because the emotions are too high, increased. Lisa was in a state of shock, and sat down in a corner with a towel over her head and to cry, and that’s really not the moments that you will want to continue to shoot.”

Rodanya with her ex, Morgan. (Photo: Robin van den Broek)

“And I was like, Rodanya, this is simply not a’

Even though it’s the last season, nothing really significant happened, I was there, after all the transmissions have enough to write about it with the participants. He and Milou went out together, came back together, got back together and came back together again. Laura and Roger were out together, we came back together and went out together. Rodanya, and Morgan went out together, and kept apart from each other, after a while in the nick of time – éíndelijk there was something else, the images it showed a kiss between Rodanya and a deceiver Danicio. The two were talking after the program a couple of times now, revealed a Danicio later. Rodanya told Goedele Liekens on the eve of their dreamdate, nothing has happened in a couple of kisses after them. “I didn’t want to go further. I was at a certain time, something like this: Rodanya, it just can’t. But you could tell that there was tension.”


The tears and the violence in the first images, Temptation Island VIP

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