Five names to look out for on the dance festival Nuits Sonores

StuBru’s beatleverancier Jeroen Delodder tips the must-sees for the Brussels elektronicafestival.

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Or Moderat without the third member of Apparat. Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary jump from techno to dubstep and from hip hop to house. Just to say that ‘modeselektor’ the flag covers better than ‘disc jockey’.

– Palais 10 of Brussels Expo – Friday 15/9

Motor City Drum Ensemble

A just as touch name: the sound of Motor City Drum Ensemble is indebted to the soul, jazz and techno of Detroit. Itself, Danilo Plessow from another motor city, Stuttgart, the hometown of Mercedes and Porsche. If no other tune his sound with disco and house. Also, Pablo Valentino, with whom Plessow’s MCDE label runs, comes to Nuits Sonores.

– Palais 10 of Brussels Expo – Friday 15/9

Raphael Top-Secret

Does anyone dance with plates which no one knows. This Parisien with Brussels link is a trusted name in the underground of São Paulo to Vancouver, from the Netherlands to Australia. Boogie, downtempo, Afro-Caribbean synthesizer music, industrial dance and early ninetieshouse: RTS goochelt with obscure party hits that never were.

– Spec – Thursday 14/9

Africaine 808

African and other exotic sounds combine with modern electronics: the many ways to do that. Africaine 808 does it consistently with the legendary Roland TR-808-drum-computer. After a handful of successful singles comes Africaine 808 now for the first time in Belgium.

– Palais 10 of Brussels Expo – Saturday 16/9

San Soda

You can at Nuits Sonores to timeless crackers like Laurent Garnier or The Hacker (and why not), but save some of your dansbenen for San Soda. As Nicolas Geysens born in Deinze, but quite a few years in Berlin-based. Will also be participating in FCL – hit: It’s You – and The Collect-Ief Deruyter (with Gratts, also at Nuits Sonores), but as itself mixes he kwaliteitshouse and techno with disco and afro.

– Palais 10 of Brussels Expo – Saturday 16/9

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