Five killed in demonstrations against ‘corrupt’ electoral commission in Baghdad

Five killed in demonstrations against ‘corrupt’ electoral commission in Baghdad

Photo: AFP

In the case of demonstrations in Baghdad are Saturday five people to life. Among the dead are two police officers and three protesters, reports the Iraqi ministry of the Interior.

The deaths occurred when supporters of the Iraqi shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr and security services with each other clashed, reports news agency AP. Al-Sadr wants a review of the electoral commission, which according to him is corrupt. He called his supporters to demonstrate.

The demonstrations were out of hand when people gathered near the Green Zone, the area where many government buildings and foreign embassies are located. Were also two projectiles fired at the protesters. Who cared not for the victims.

Al-Sadr had just called to come together in the Green Zone to “the people on the other side of the fence” the protests to be heard.

The electoral college, where the protest was focused, seems to be not going to to anything to attract. Serbat Mustafa, head of the election commission, accused Saturday al-Maliki to find a political scapegoat.

Tear gas

On images is to see how the police tear gas bet against the protesters. Al-Maliki claims security forces disproportionate force to deploy against unarmed protesters. According to the police were also six policemen injured.

The Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi says that the deployment of police was necessary to the public maintaining order, but said that he will investigate excessive use of force. The prime minister said the rights of protesters are respected, but called for the law, however.

Al-Abadi is under pressure because of the Iraqi struggle against Islamic State and an economic crisis in the country. Later this year, his elections in Iraq.Later this year, his elections in Iraq.

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