Five billionaires in Algeria arrested and brought in corruptiezaak

Five billionaires in Algeria, among whom the richest man of the country, have been arrested and appeared in court for their share in a large-scale corruptiezaak.

According to the state television in the North African country of the five immediately after their arrest taken to court, where the lawsuits have heard.

Under the five billionaires is Issad Rebrab, who is considered to be the richest man in Algeria. The businessman has been especially active in the food and sugar industry. The four others are brothers of a rich and powerful family Kouninef.

According to the state television, the five close ties with the recently resigned president Abdelaziz Bouteflika. That explained recently his tasks down. He did this after weeks of mass protests against his tenure.

The Algerian army chief, general Gaid Salah, said last week that “corrupt members of the elite” soon to be arrested would be. There would by them under more public money embezzled.

At the beginning of July, there are new presidential elections are scheduled in Algeria, where a final successor for Bouteflika chosen will be. Until that time, there is an interim government established and maintains the army the order in the country.


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