Five Belgian biertapas to try out

Tasty dishes that harmonize perfectly with a specifically Belgian beer, that is the core of the concept of Belgian biertapas, or Bapas. Five recipes.

Bapas or Belgian biertapas, not only for cooking with beer, but for a culinary experience in which a particular beer a court completes and the taste buds pleziert. Sounds already good!

That are also the creators of the popular tv program ‘Tournée Générale’, which bierminnaar Jean Blaute are Uk size Ray Cokes in tow, by the Belgian bierlandschap, not to be missed. During their quest to biertrends and traditions, takes the duo under more the phenomenon of Bapas under the microscope.

The fourth episode of the third season of ‘Tournée Générale’, broadcast on 28 February, 21 hours, zooms in on the concept and focuses on the expansion of the taste sensation on the basis of bierdegustatie on the basis of a number of tailor-made snacks.

Already now in the atmosphere to come: five recipes that harmonize perfectly with the brew of our own soil. Cheers!

Bapas from Flemish-Brabant

Recipe: Oregano hamburgertjes with onion rings & Palm RoyalBier: Palm Royal

This beer was originally a verjaardagsbier, for a very special event at Palm Breweries: the ninetieth birthday of meesterbrouwer Alfred Van Roy in 2003. Today it is one of the cornerstones in the provision of the brewery Steenhuffel.

The Royal combines fruitiness with bitterness. The light touches of banana, are the result of the special yeast esters generates. These are volatile compounds responsible for the aroma to determine and in this case, pleasant fruit and softness suggest.
By the refermentation in the bottle ends, the full flavor in a dry finish.

Recipe: Viooltjesoester with passion fruit & Cantillon geuzeBier: Gueuze Cantillon

Gueuze, also known as the Champagne among beers ” (all mention some of the Champagne of the farmers), is the result of a sophisticated blend of lambiekbieren of different age and tastes. So it is actually a blend.

The moederbier Lambic is brewed with a substantial part of wheat and came to life by spontaneous fermentation, i.e. after boiling of the wort the natural yeasts from the air in the liquid may fall to the sugars in alcohol to convert. In that sense, the Lambic and the Gueuze real oerbieren: so were centuries ago, all beers were brewed.

At Cantillon in Anderlecht, where the brewery also has a beer museum houses, taste the gueuze fresh and slightly acidic. The aftertaste is soft in the distance, and some modest hoptoetsen. ‘Slow food’ for connoisseurs.

Bapas from West Flanders
Recipe: raisin bread with Stilton and reuzenbalsemienhoning & PannepotBier: Pannepot

A few years ago, the Robust Brouwers in Woesten by the American vakwebsite voted ‘best brewers in the world’. A hard to bear fame for a brouwerscollectief that just ten years ago their project on a corridor went, so it seemed.

But they make it true. This company produces beers with intriguing names such as o.m. Robust Red light, Kloeke Blonde, Badnimf and Schommelpeird. The beers with a pronounced taste and rich ingredients.

The Pannepot takes its name from a boat out of The Panne. It is a it of 10° that is dark brown to deep black color and in the nose immediately, a sweet aroma of plum and raisins reveals. The taste is complex and offers walsend on the tongue both vanilla and heavy oak, and sunny raisins. The whole ends in a sweet aftertaste.

Bapas Names
Recipe: Ras el hanout choice & Super des Fagnes blonde
Beer: Super des Fagnes Blonde

This ‘Super Veenbier’ is carefully brewed in Mariembourg (Names). The Super des Fagnes has an alcohol content of 7.5°, but has a distinctly lighter. The golden brew is soft (hops) and fruity (apple) aroma, with a dash of liquorice and coriander in between.

The pale malt comes from the interior, the varieties of hops from Germany and England. Add to that a small amount of herbs, such as sweet orange peel, fresh coriander, and soft licorice and you will get a balanced and refined beer.

Bapas from East Flanders

Recipe: Buddy with pomegranate, sour cream & Sloeber
Beer: Sloeber

Sloeber is a deugnietenbier of the Spring Novel, more specifically in the hills in the village of Mater. It is a brewery with a pedigree in 1545 back. Actually, the Roman was one of the strongholds of the tradition of the ‘Oudenaards Brown beer’, or ‘Flemish Old Brown’. Thus, reference is made to the soft tart concoction.

But the Novel is quite a sturdy house, and so goes for a wide range of beers, including the Beggar of 7.5°, which was once a sparring partner for Duvel wanted to be, but now his own little man. It has a ‘gold’ colour, a fine aroma and a nice balance between malt and spiciness, resulting in a slightly bitter aftertaste. (DB)

All recipes come from the beautiful illustrated cookbook ‘Bapas, Belgian biertapas’. Authors: Karl Van Malderen, Sven Gatz & Jan Pill. Photography: Bram Prevented.

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