Fish of the week: perfect girl, the perfect alternative to expensive turbot

“We need to learn to eat what the fisherman catches. Not only let fish what we have on our plate and want all the rest to throw away.’ We follow the motto of the NorthSeaChefs and today eat the fantastic perfect girl. Full flavor, firm texture and straight out of the North sea. In the near future also in your board?

“Our fish is the tastiest in the world, but we know him not.’ A pity, because the North sea offers a treasure chest of goodies. It is high time to change and the consumers ‘ awareness of the rich fish in Belgium, for example, in tweesterrenchef Filip Claeys. With his project NorthSeaChefs covet the initiator, together with a number of Belgian master chefs, to onbeminde and less well-known species of fish from us in the spotlight, them give them an identity, and so with consumer demand to stimulate.

The organization wants, as the fish the attention they deserve so that later on the eyebrows, not more gefronst when names such as dogfish, cuttlefish, weavers, pollack or pouting fall. Because they are tasty, have a low carbon footprint and in addition offer excellent alternatives to popular species by overfishing in the difficulty to hit or farmed fish such as pangasius, tilapia and salmon, with miles to travel before they are in the board forever.

Not only does the consumer better, also the fishing, which is a fair price for their catch.

In this series we’ll show you a taste of what the North sea has to offer, and that the whole year round. Each week we put another fish ‘from our’ in the spotlight, according to the catch of the fisherman. So at the end of the trip all fish species and bycatch the heading unceasingly. This week: the brill.


Don’t just turbot against brill. And certainly about that of the fish market. Both fish exhibit similarities in appearance but not in price. Griet is a lot cheaper.

The griet, which we have today, is a flatfish and family of the tarbotachtigen. While the brill is a bruingekleurde back and a white belly, is the turbot, previously green appearance. Though they can both differ in color depending on the place where they are to be caught. Also the skin is different: griet is completely covered with scales and smoother, while in turbot clear botknobbels or beendoornen feel. He is also elongated and less angular than his colleague.

An adult bird is approximately 35 inches long and is typically not greater of 55 cm, at a weight of 2.5 kg. But there are also exceptionally large grieten that even 8 kg.

The season of griet runs from June to december. The fish is culinary at its best, it is not in the spawning period and there is sufficient harvested. Buy so.

And the fisherman?

The Flemish fishermen pick up the chick in the southern part of the North sea and in the Channel. Each year, about 500 tonnes of brill landed. The griet is a nevenvangst – there is not, therefore, focused on fishing and is located in the net in the hunt for sole and plaice. Only from 30 cm he may bring to the auction, where our fishermen a good price for them.

In the kitchen

The perfect girl is loved by the audience and ends up, consequently, often on the table in the domestic circle. With its tender yet firm white flesh, you can be in the kitchen all sides.

You don’t have to keukenacrobaat to this flat to fillet and prepare. All bereidingsmethoden for turbot shall also apply to brill: baking, grilling, stewing, frying, poaching (à la nage). Also the flavors are very similar to each other. A real delicacy, which is brill. To get started.

Tip of the chef

Ideal for grilling, full flavor and firm texture. Perfect alternative for expensive turbot. (Filip Claeys)


This week, young keukentalent Maarten Bouckaert of the restaurant ‘Castor’ (Waregem) us two recipes with griet. Two smaakbommetjes.

Brill on the bone baked with preistoemp

Ingredients for 4 persons

4 slices thick chick, about 280 g/moot

180 g salted butter

50 g unsalted butter

3 tbsp salted capers (rinsed and lightly dabbed)

12 stumps of young leeks

300 g Rattes du Touquet potatoes

3 tbsp finely chopped shallot

3 tbsp finely chopped parsley

1/2 lemon

Method of preparation :

Let the chick in 4 equal sections, we saw (important to be right to be able to yarn). Carve the slices in along the brown side with a small knife, scrape the scales away along the white silk. Leave a big lump of salted butter melting in a pan. When the butter begins to brown and the foam starts to pull away you put the fish in the pan with the white side down. Color brown for 4 minutes. Turn the slices carefully and add a large lump of butter. Herb with black pepper. Bake for another four minutes. Put the pan from the heat and let about a five-minute rest under a sheet of aluminum foil.

Pass the frying butter of the fish in a pan and add the shallot, the finely chopped capers and the parsley. Season to taste with a few drops of lemon juice and pepper.

Remove the green of the young leeks and cut this into very fine cubes. Turn this under with a small bit of water, salt and pepper. Let cook until all the moisture is gone and add a knob of butter to bind. Peel the potatoes and cook them in water with a little salt. Drain, and dry them for the info on the fire. Rub the potatoes through a sieve and add some unsalted butter. Mix with the cooked diced leeks. Season to taste with pepper and salt.

Cooked the white part of the leek with a little water, salt and pepper. Let cook until all the moisture is gone. Optionally, you can preiwortels frying. Sprinkle with coarse salt.

Place the grietmoot on a hot plate. Arrange the puree and baby leeks around. Finish with the butter sauce.

Grilled brill with mediterranean vegetables and basil

Ingredients for 4 persons

4 grietfilets skinless (160g/piece)

1 eggplant

2 mini courgettes

12 sun-dried tomatoes

1 ball of burrata cheese

A few basil leaves

300 g of unpeeled shrimp

200 g clams (preferably diluted)

Olive oil

50 g butter

250 ml gevogeltebouillon

A handful of Parisian mushrooms.

4 leaves of green celery

1 leaf bay laurel

1/2 garlic clove

1 shallot

1/2 lemon

Method of preparation :

Brush olive oil over the fillets and grill them on both sides on a grill pan until there is a nice motif appears in. Preheat the oven to 150° C. Rub a baking sheet with butter and lay the grilled fillets. Add pepper and salt. Cooked the fish just before serving, about 6 minutes in the oven.

Peel the eggplant, cut them into rectangular bars and sprinkle them lightly with fine salt. Leave for about ten minutes and bake the bars with olive oil. Herb with black pepper. Cut the washed courgettes in round disks and fry that is crispy in the same pan that the eggplant is baked. Remove small circles from the sun-dried tomatoes with a steekring and heat in the olive oil. Add the aubergines back to the pan to keep everything warm for serving.

Peel the shrimp and save the heads for the sauce. Cook the washed clams in a little water with two leaves of green celery. Leave the lid on the pot until the clams open. Cooked a cockle certainly not too long or he is tough. Heat shrimp slightly in what kokkeljus with a knob of butter before serving.

Cut the shallot and the mushrooms fine. Braise them with garlic, bay leaf, and 2 leaves of green celery in some butter. Moisten with the obtained kokkelsap and the gevogeltebouillon. Add a good splash of water. Boil and skim the garnaalkoppen there. Let this now get 25 minutes on a medium heat (not longer because then you get the taste of ammonia). Pass the sauce, season to taste with salt and pepper, and lemon juice. Cook possibly still in a little bit. Add at the last moment the cold butter and the basil, and foam with a hand blender.

Cut the burrata into pieces and season with olive oil, salt and pepper. Place the auberginebalk on a warm plate, arrange the courgettes, tomatoes, shrimp, clams and pieces of burrata around. Place the lightly cooked brill and serve with a cloud of foam from the sauce. Serve separately also have a pot of sauce in the dish.

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