First speedway self-propelled cars, ends in crash

First speedway self-propelled cars, ends in crash

Photo: Roborace

Visitors of the Formula E for electric cars in Argentina, got Saturday, the first race between two self-propelled cars on a professional circuit.

The cars made by the company Roborace and bekenstaand as DevBots, reached speeds of up to 185 kilometers per hour on the circuit. One of the trucks cut a corner too sharp and crashed. The DevBots had no drivers on board, although there was still room for in the current iteration of the car.

Roborace wants to eventually be a league where only self-propelled cars to participate. The cars should all be the same, but the participating teams must make the software write which the vehicle operates.

Devbot 1 wins! Clocking a new fastest lap at top speed or 186kph #BAePrix

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