First Pokémon Go festival plagued by server issues

First Pokémon Go festival plagued by server issues

The Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago has largely fallen into the water. The game was virtually unplayable due to bad range and server problems.

The Pokémon Go festival Saturday in Grant Park, Chicago, to the arrival of the first legendary Pokémon in the mobile game to celebrate. Soon after the start, however, showed that the game had server issues and that the connection in the park to wish for left.

That caused a commotion among visitors. They had paid for tickets, but could not play the game. When CEO John Hanke of Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, entered the podium, he was booing welcomed. They also called a lot of people: “We can’t play!”

Niantic promised to fix the problems and costs of the tickets to pay back. Also receive visitors for one hundred dollars to Pokécoins, the virtual money that the stuff in the game to be sold. In addition, it widens the developer temporarily the area in the park where rare Pokémon appear.

Legendary Pokémon

The aim of the festival was that the players in Chicago were commissioned to make as much as possible Pokémon to catch. Then could players worldwide with a similar command to get started. If it was true, it would be the first legendary Pokémon ever in Pokémon Go appear, in a raid by players in Chicago reports had to be.

The first legendary Pokémon have now been published. It comes to Lugia and Articuno.

Also in the Netherlands, soon to be a Pokémon Go festival place. That is on the 12th of August in Amstelveen. People can Pokémon catch that normally do not occur.

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