First lawsuit against alleged coupplegers in Turkey began

First lawsuit against alleged coupplegers in Turkey began

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The first legal proceedings against the possible perpetrators of the failed coup in Turkey on Tuesday began. A group of 29 police officers state.

The agents are suspected of not following orders during the night of the staatsgreeppoging on July 15.

They had during the couppoging the presidential palace in Istanbul to protect, but that, according to the prosecutors is not done.

Against 21 agents is a lifelong imprisonment demanded. For the other agents are penalties demanded between 7.5 and fifteen years. The court in Istanbul is heavily protected during the court proceedings.


Although the lawsuit Wednesday, the first in which alleged coupplegers for the right, are the suspected instigators still not right. They appear, probably not until next year in Ankara for the right.

In Ankara, a new courtroom built because no court in Turkey according to the government the number of people can handle this.

Who is Fethullah Gulen?


Up until now, since the failed coup, more than 100,000 people have been fired or suspended, and were more than 40,000 people were arrested. According to the Turkish president Erdogan, the islamic clergyman Fethullah Gulen and his followers behind the couppoging.

Summary: couppoging in Turkey

On July 15, 2016 were strangers in Turkey is a coup attempt.

Tanks drove through the streets of Ankara and above the city flew fighter planes.

The coup failed in part because the population en masse was responding to a call from prime minister Erdogan to the street.

It is unclear who exactly is behind the coup, according to prime minister Erdogan is the spiritual Fethullah Gulen, the mastermind behind the action.

He demands, therefore, of the USA the extradition of Gulen. Gulen lives since 1999 in the USA. The U.S. gives no heed to the call.

The coup resulted in the whole of Europe for tensions between supporters and opponents of Gulen. Also in the Netherlands, we Türken on the street.
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According to various human rights organisations, uses prime minister Erdogan’s coup as a justification for the cleansing of the polity.

Thousands of judges, soldiers, officials, and agents were discharged, imprisoned or be made inactive.
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The Public Prosecutor in Turkey has 62 soldiers is a requirement of lifelong imprisonment is waiting, appears on 28 november. The first soldiers have in december to prevent.

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