First impression: Cyberpunk 2077 shows how scary hacking can be

In Poland, Cyberpunk 2077, you’re in a dystopian future, in landfill, where it is the most natural thing for a limb to be replaced by a mechanical arm. An arm in which hackers are able to break into it.

It will be for some time, and are looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077. The game is being made by CD Projekt, the studio responsible for the successful It-fantasyspellen. Cyberpunk 2077 is like, these games are role-playing, but we are in a sciencefictionwereld.

Even though the game is not playable it was, we had to gamebeurs E3 which is a gaming session of an hour to be seen. This tried main character of V to terms with a gang in order to have a hiding antihackeragent to be found.

In the demo it quickly became a complex conflict into the picture. Thus, V is a computer port in his wrist, which he can use to connect devices to hack on, but that one still on his brain and was able to log in. Its still a result for each activity in the to keep an eye on, and also pick his brain and destroying it.

As the game progresses, more and more small details of the past. The eating of meat, for example, is illegal, because it is a producer of man-meat substitute for a hard lobby to enter. In addition, it appears to be the main character with a mysterious chip in his head that made him immortal, but it is also a Keanu Reeves played cybergeest is constantly in the way.”

We were given the same mission twice to see it. The mission was to have two different characters are carried out. It turns out that the commands in the game in a totally different way to do so.


Keanu Reeves is announcing a role in the new video game Cyberpunk 2077

A deadly gym

The first session was conducted by a sophisticated hacker, which is already creeping closer and closer to his target came out. At times, used the hacks to be seen. Q broke in, for example, on closed-circuit television cameras, that he had not seen past was able to sneak in. This same ability can also be used to keep enemies in a painful way to eliminate it.

If it broke in a boksrobot to use the built-in safety switch to help his human partner, in a single punch was able to eliminate it. In the same gym hackte the main character is also a fitnessmachine, which is the victim of a huge weight, and was badly crushed.

As the projects became even more so when V have been focused on the enemies themselves. For nearly all of people in the world have their own arms and legs replaced with cybernetic limbs, which will also be remotely hacked, could be used. The arm of an enemy and hacking, for example, is it possible for him to force himself in the head with guns.

The game paints this world in which hackaanvallen have a greater impact than is currently the case. The city is in the game, it is filled with the word by which a cyber attack quickly lead to physical consequences.

The doors are closed openrukken

In the second session, it was switched to a female version of Q. She was less skilled at hacking, but due to her powerful limbs would be a good fight. They can secure the doors openrukken with her bare hands, so they have other routes you can take over the weaker characters.

This is the stronger character will be Cyberpunk 2077, in terms of style is more similar to a shooter game like Call of Duty. This version of V is pretty heavy gun to hold, and what with the muscle-bound mercenaries to survive.

At the end of the two sessions, reached the V of the target, that is, the character is a horrible fact to confront. If the-V of the mission is complete, then the customer will immediately get a virus in his / her brain, to steer. The aim of this dialogue was the player’s mission is still to continue, and to take the risk, or an alliance, to unite with the enemy.

A CD Project with Cyberpunk 2077, a world in which current and future developments are introduced. The newly-announced Watch Dogs: Legion wants to do the same thing, but it takes place in the not so distant future. Since Cyberpunk 2077, decades later, takes place, and the contrast is greater.

The Polish game publisher, wants to be a hope for Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt promises that the feature of a large number of options that we have in the mission, and saw, reflected in the whole of the game. In addition to the story, even in a large city. What is the scale of it, and it was for the demo only is not clear. To know that we will have to wait, as the game is out next year.

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