First Dutch patient by bacteriophages out of danger’

First Dutch patient by bacteriophages out of danger’

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

By means of the addition of bacteriophages for the first time, the life of a Dutch patient saved. In the AVROTROS-program is fri morning to see how the 61-year-old Bart Fishermen from Valkenburg is treated in the Military Hospital Queen Astrid in Belgium.

Fishermen got after his darmoperatie long-term antibiotics. Eventually, it was not more. About four months ago, I was Fishermen in a coma, after which his doctor decided to treat with bacteriophages. Bacteriophages may be specific bacteria in the body to body go.

The world health organization (WHO) warned that there are more and more cases are antibiotic resistance, where certain bacteria are more sensitive to the action of one or more antibioticasoorten. This is a growing need for an effective alternative. Estimated that will by 2050 worldwide, 10 million people die because of antibiotic resistance.

Article 37

To the treatment with bacteriophages to allow had to the doctor of Fishermen rely on article 37 of the Veklaring of Helsinki, in which permission is given to experimental medicines to use if there is no other means more work.

In Europe, bacteriophages have not yet been applied. In Russia and Georgia. That is why the Military Hospital Queen Astrid, together with the Eliava clinic in Georgia. There are bacteriophages in the pharmacy to get.

Before it became known in the media wanted doctors first to be sure of the recovery of Fishermen. The 61-year-old Dutchman is still in the hospital, but is currently out of danger. The broadcast of it is Tuesday at 21.25 hours on NPO 1.

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