First, British gas is released again, the USA sends troops to Saudi Arabia

In the MV, Mesdar, one of the two British tankers, who on Friday seized, it would have been taken by Iran, according to the BBC, the route continued. In the united states, with the consent of Saudi Arabia, and military personnel to the country “to ensure the security and stability in the region, and to improve,” according to the U.s. department of Defense (dod).

In short,

  • Iran reported Friday that the British oil tanker ‘Stena Impero’, in addition to taken
  • According to the united kingdom, a second oil tanker, the MV-Mesdar, has been confiscated
  • Iranian news agency is reporting that a second tanker, only to be warned it was
  • USA had the support promised by the UK and send troops to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The incidents occurred in the weeks of escalating tension between Iran and the US/UK
  • The UK took earlier, an Iranian oil tanker to be seized by the Gibraltar

Fight with the Iranians would ship it Friday and have it boarded after the tanker by a dozen boats that had surrounded him. The 25 crew members are doing very well, report to the British Foreign minister, Jeremy Hunt.

The second, a British oil tanker, ‘Stena, Impero is known to still be in Iranian hands. It is unclear how the 23-crew members are ready. Since the ship Friday night on the radar disappeared in the UK, by his own admission, has not been able to make contact with the tanker, to put.

Iran says that it will ship in the warnings ignored, and it is in the wrong direction to follow.


Olietankercrisis: Why is the strait in Iran’s interest?

The british government is furious over the actions of Iran

The British government did Friday night spoedberaad about the situation and condemned the actions of Iran. “This is completely unacceptable. It is essential to ensure that the safety and security of navigation is guaranteed, so there is no danger of travel in the Gulf region,” said Hunt.

The prime minister warned that his country was a “tough but thoughtful” comment would come up. In the UK, in the region of the two ships of war to sail, and is in close contact with the united states.

US sends troops to Saudi Arabia as a ‘deterrent’

The President when He promised that his counterpart Friday that he is UK based. A few hours later, it was announced that the US military is going to send you to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the consent of the country to the Gulf of Hermuz is.

This is the first time since 2003 that U.s. troops stationed in Saudi Arabia.

The tensions in the Persian Gulf, running at a high speed

Over the past few weeks, tensions in the Persian Gulf, the higher the customer. There have been several oil tankers being sabotaged and attacked, which the united states is Iran that is responsible for the hold.

Nor would He, at last, an armed action against Iran are called off. The action would be in retaliation for the shooting down of a U.s. drone over the strait.

At the beginning of the month to put the UK at an Iranian oil tanker in the chain in new zealand. With the Grace of One, was stopped because of the Eu sanctions would have been violated by the crude oil to Syria, though. Friday night, it was decided that the ship will have thirty days to keep track of, is probably a reaction to the seizure of the Onboard Impero’.

Iran’s Revolutionary guards has responded to initially furious at the incident, and was threatened publicly with the concern.

In the united states, with the UK as an ally in the international coalition set up to improve safety in the Gulf, needs to be strengthened. Also in the Netherlands, has been officially invited to be a contributor.


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