First aid in case of hunger: five dishes that are ready within the half hour

Busy days ahead? Then you have fast food necessary. With these five recipes make a delicious meal on the table in less than half an hour’s time.

Whether you’re busy or simply don’t much sense you have to have a lot of time in the cooking to cross, the temptation to fast noodles or a ready-made meal in the oven to slide can sometimes ensue. Unfortunately, these quick solutions are not always as nutritious or delicious. Therefore: five fast recipes to have in your ears the knots, so that you are always goodies have to fall back on.

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This curry proves that you really have no patience need to have to enjoy of that typical Indian flavors. This vegetarian saag aloo is also ‘only’ a basic recipe, many variations are possible, depending on what else you have in-house.

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This very simple and easily digestible meal is a perfect end to a hectic day. Do not be fool by the simplicity, because the soy and sesame seeds on the fish make this dish really.

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Crispy on the outside, deliciously creamy on the inside: this courgettepannenkoekjes are a delicious addition to a well-stocked salad. They are ready in a (fairly literally to interpret) time.

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Think of quick recipes, and you think of pasta. This elegant recipe tastes always, winter and summer. If you have the pasta, let it cool, the milk is omitted and the rocket at the very last add, you get a lovely tasting pasta salad.

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Risotto sounds quite refined (and so it tastes), but that is not to say that making a lot of effort or time costs. Especially when you this fast-paced variant to learn, you understand quickly that fast food does not equal need to stand on less food.

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