Firefighter stages dramatic blaze in his own house during a family party to propose to girlfriend

Fireman fiancé, Zach Steele, 30, proposes to girlfriend Maddison Ridgik, 30, after he forged a fire with smoke machines to create a surprise proposal in their house.

A California firefighter went all-in organizes a dramatic scene to pop the question to his old friend, faking a fire in their home during a family feast before you on one knee.

Zach Steele and Maddison Ridgik recently welcomed family and friends for a party at their Ventura home, Inside Edition reports, when the playful groom-to-be are romantic plans in motion. According to the outlet, the 30-year-old fighter “was always planned” to take his colleagues and a fire in his marriage proposal to Ridgik.


“At first, I got a smoke machine,” 30-year-old Steele told the outlet. “I went to test it and there was hardly any smoke. It was not going to work, so I had more smoke machines.”


Steele eventually, six smoke machines on the top floor, for the creation of faux-smolder at the right time during the soiree.

While the party was in full swing, the fire brigade leave the meeting under the guise of picking up more messages; but in reality, he is the head of the Ventura Fire County Department drive.

A moment later, Ridgik’s stepfather, Johnny Jenson, turned on the smoke machines, creating an eerie faux-blaze afraid that the guests in the evacuation of the property and that the bride-to-be to panic and call her beau of seven times.


A fire engine quickly rushed to the corner as Jenson did to put out the fire with a garden hose and Steele made his move.

“There was too much smoke, it was crazy. It filled the attic and the whole garage,” he later told SWNS, as per Metro. “Everyone was in the front yard and I could see Maddison was on the phone in a panic. I had seven missed calls [from her]. All the other boys jumped out but I stayed in the engine for about a minute.”




“I could see that her back was to me as I approached, but I had my mask on so that she didn’t recognize me. When I grabbed her waist, she turned around and I took off my mask. She had a look of pure shock and confusion on her face,” he said of his fiance, a teacher.

“Her hands were shaking while she was trying to fish. She turned away from me, and [when] she turned back around I was on one knee. I asked her to marry me and luckily she said yes.”


Ridgik, 30, shared her own side of the story.

“A group of us were in the kitchen enjoying a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvres when my stepfather came into the room and frantically told us we had to come,” she told SWNS. “I grabbed the dogs and went for the door. When we got out there was smoke coming from all openings from the attic.”


“When I got outside I saw the smoke from the vent on the front of our house and coming out of the hole on the top of our house,” she continued. “I started to cry at the moment that I saw the firemen jump out of the truck with their stuff.”

“When Zach walked up to me, he had his mask on, so I really couldn’t tell. He then took his mask off and ran me in the middle of the garden. I was so confused and I honestly would not be able to sort through my emotions enough to really understand what happened,” she says, as Steele dropped to one knee.


“I was still shaking and crying still so excited. It really was the best most indescribable moment of my life,” Ridgik said.



According to the bride-to-be, she and her fiance have been together for seven and a half years, and she is “dreaming of this day since they first met.

Meanwhile, cheeky Steele says that he could not have pulled off the somewhat terrifying stunt without the help of his friends and colleagues at the Ventura County Fire department – even though he claims he has no hijinks planned for the big day.


“I’m not going all of the jokes and surprises for our wedding. It will be a lot less drama,” Steele said.

A March 30, 2019 wedding is planned.

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