FIRE of ratings reports of Epstein’s death leaked out on to 4Chan

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The questions that arise after the Beginning of Epstein’s death; a reaction to and an analysis of the retired FBI criminal profiler James Fitzgerald.

The Fire department of New York told Fox News on Tuesday that it would look into the online leaks of information in relation to the death of the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein — but I came to the conclusion that the leak is not from the Department.”

“[D]ont ask me how I know this, but Epstein died just about an hour ago to hang out or have a heart attack. Screencap this,” an anonymous person posted on the forum 4Chan, at 8:16 pm, and on Saturday, almost 40 minutes, officials confirmed initial reports in the media that the disgraced multi-millionaire by apparent suicide in his Manhattan jail cell.


The post from the author, who turned out to be a first responder, emergency medical worker or any other person who is involved in the initial response to the prison, and, later, for more details on the efforts to revive him by Epstein.

“It worked asystole arrest for up to 40 minutes, as the[I] results in the field of epi/2 liters NS infused. Telemetry is advised, bicarb, and D50 in the field. The Pt will be transported to Lower Manhattan, and THERE worked for about 20 minutes, and called. The hospital administrator, was alerted to prepare the financial statements,” and the follow-up post, he said.

Dr. By Keith Wesley, an emergency room doctor, told BuzzFeed News that a “Remote” implies that the paramedics were in touch with a medical check-up in hospital, who then gave orders to give Sodium hydrogen carbonate, bicarb, which is designed to reverse the acid build up in the blood of long-term heart failure.”

“The fire FIGHTERS assessed the perceived information, and in particular, it did not come from the Department,” FDNY spokesperson told Fox News. “At no point was there an investigation.”

The mystery and disbelief that shrouded the death of Epstein, 66, who is a federal prosecutor in New York, was charged with multiple counts of sex trafficking, and acts of misconduct. The authorities claimed that he paid for girls as young as 14 to several hundred dollars for a massage to harass them in their homes in New York and Palm Beach, Fla., from 2002 to 2005.

Many of the legislators, and the conspiracy theorists are right, how could he commit suicide in the Special Housing unit at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. Attorney-General, William Barr, said on Monday there were “serious irregularities at the facility, which is deep on you,” and he told me that he was demanding “a thorough investigation.”


“The FBI and the Office of the Inspector General, are doing just that. We will get to the bottom of what has happened, and there will be accountability,” Barr said.

An autopsy was performed Sunday but the cause of death was not revealed pending the results of other studies.

Fox News’ Tamara Gitt contributed to this report.

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